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    Hello Auriss!

    Thanks for another good suggestion. The team will discuss this for sure.

    We are currently testing stack weight so this will take priority for the meantime but after we will look into this.


    Hello PvPers!

    In the current season we removed the stack mod due to issues with cannon balls. We have made custom stack sizes but with this comes vanilla weights. I would like to gather some player feedback on if this is working or not.

    Please post your thoughts on this below.


    I would really be against 2-3 tribes. 6 is already a low number. Anyone can recruit more or still do bosses and raid with 2-3 easily. Personally I am happy with 6 man :)

    This is my own thoughts and from what I've spoken about with others!

    Element dust transfer only.

    Add genesis to the cluster.

    Removed restrictions on outpost limit. Current orp rules make them raidable offline so any outpost without turrets will be blown up easily and pointless.

    More incentives/help to rebuild after being wiped? Have to think about this one but people seem to get raided once and leave. Maybe something can be done to try get them to stay (will have a think just an idea).

    The ORP setting seem amazing I think this should stay the same 😁. I haven't been able to play this season obviously so this is from an outside perspective and feedback from others.

    I think one of the main issues is that after being raided people quit, which is why server pop declines. I don't know how no orp and less rules will help at all. I love the prim plus concept as I don't like the way tek has went but no orp and less rules will just drive even more players away after they are raided.

    Been no interest for months, no point in these threads anymore. Seems a few pve players are happy and that is what matters

    Honestly I challenge anybody to go raid on this server and for no form of ORP abuse to happen. Every time a raid is started or you even just look for pvp people combat log. People are leaving for other clusters everyday and if it isn't changed I doubt any form of regular long term players will stay.

    I completely agree with your point as well. For months stone bases or people on their first day are being wiped by advanced tribes. and it is hard to get the best of both worlds, as i get that for some removing orp won't be very appealing to some.

    Think it is really nice addition. My only comment about it is I think listing tribe names and members as old ghost data did is broken in an ORP server. Don't even know if that is still a feature though.

    It would also be nice to see a lot more active and regular things like events and input from admins and owners. This comes from someone who cares about gd and is saddened by the lack of people playing it. Like x2 farming events etc