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    I would like a max level Reaper King with perfect tame and 2 Ascendant Rock Drake Saddles.

    Player: Freshmeat

    Tribe: Demolish Allowed

    Coords: 40.8, 44.4 (up high near ceiling)

    I'll be on starting at 15:00 GMT tomorrow to collect.

    We have finished our baseline boss Rexes and are into the health/attack mutations process (currently 49/49). As Leyren said, we will not be selling Rex Eggs.

    We have have been focused on other things (fishing!) but will probably run some Island bosses this week. I look forward to seeing how the fights change when you can't rely on Mega Rexes.

    All in all this sounds like a fun change. Going to seriously miss ice (and honestly, cryo). Auction House is a great idea. Look forward to hearing more about GC changes.

    Does the S+ Transmitter exclusion mean boss battles will have to be initiated from Beacons/Obs only? AFAIK that is the only difference between the transmitters aside from Dino Scan which you show as continuing to be disabled.

    Looking forward to further news on this. I have quite enjoyed my 500 hours on this server cluster but was running against the same problems as others at that level (primarily the event dino problem). A reset is harsh, but I think it will be for the best.

    Glad this is resolved. It was clear to me the first time that it was Jakobus as he had been personally harassing Get in chat just before the Giga attack happened on Get's base. But as there was no way to prove it and he denied it in chat at the time I didn't see anything that could be done. I will make a ticket next time so it can hopefully be resolved sooner.

    Ya. I always put 46 levels in an off-stat first to ensure I don't overlevel my dinos primary stat past 255. It sucks that you learned this on such a rare dino but nothing to do. Its a Wildcard problem, not a ghost-division problem.

    Hi all. Joining the bandwagon using the marketplace here vs. chat in game. Standard egg prices are negotiable in bulk. I am on almost daily so send me a direct message if you're interested.

    Base Location: Freshhome Teleporter in NW area of map. GPS loc is 36, 24.

    Freebies: I carry the standard 436 Rex line (80 Health, 76 Attack). Also have all Abe blueprints and primitive versions are free as long as I have the mats on me.

    5/20 Updated Wyvern availability and Tuso/Rex pricing.

    Breed Base Lvl Stamina Food Oxygen Weight Attack Speed Health Egg Price
    Tuso (No Mutations) 333 57 43 52 36 50 48 46 28
    Rex (Pose line max mut) 482 65 63 63 54 86 60 90 9
    Giga (very low mut) 323 51 45 42 44 55 49 36 6

    I also have current inventory for Poison / Light / Fire Wyvern Eggs and Rock Drake Eggs.

    Poison W 259 (45 GC) 238 (40 GC) 210 (18 GC) 210 (18 GC) 180 (9 GC) 170 (6 GC)
    Light W 245 (40 GC)
    224 (27 GC)
    224 (27 GC) 224 (27 GC)
    217 (20 GC)
    180 (9 GC)

    Fire W 252 (45 GC) 190 (9 GC) 160 (6 GC) 150 (6 GC)
    Rock D 259 (60 GC) 231 (35 GC) 210 (25 GC)

    Momo. Mine have no mutations. I'm looking for 20 GC or trade for a 50+ weight Tuso. Stats are:

    57 Stamina / 43 Food / 52 Oxygen / 36 Weight / 50 Attack / 48 Speed / 47 Health (332 Base Lvl)

    I got a decent breeding pair during event and am still maxing their stats together. If you're up for waiting a week or so you can get a 57 43 52 36 50 48 46 from me (base 332)

    I'm okay with it. With proper advance warning I can burn down some materials just in case its a big loss. The stack mods really are night and day QOL and I get why players on Abe/Scorched would want them.