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    Each tribe is allowed to have 1000 dino souls per map. Please use GhostData to check how many souls you currently have.

    edit: Sorry for adding my thoughts as a non-patreon member

    I noticed that on some other cluster we can vote through 4 links

    3 & 1 toparkservers

    So how about you guys also consider adding toparkservers in the voting rewards list which gives 1 GC for vote per day so everyone can get 10 GC aka 1 Ark Bar a day instead of 1 Ark Bar every 2 days :/

    Speaking from a math perspective it is not always the case of 1 ARc per two days :


    1st day of voting: 0 ARC bars
    2nd day of voting: 1 ARC bars
    3rd day of voting: 1 ARC bars
    4th day of voting: 1 ARC bars
    5th day of voting: 1 ARC bars
    6th day of voting: 1 ARC bars
    7th day of voting: 1 ARC bars
    8th day of voting: 1 ARC bars
    9th day of voting: 1 ARC bars
    10th day of voting: 1 ARC bars
    11th day of voting: 0 ARC bars
    ------repeat from day one------

    So every 10 days u get 9 ARC bars

    Oh N+ item collector is still a thing i totally forgot :D

    It is supposed to be late game. Back in the days N+ Item Collector could of been powered with fuel instead tek gen only and it was easy to make tons of kibble. People sell late game stuff for ARc bars on AH or in tradechat on discord. You can also ask people on global chat if they have kibble for sale. You can get tek generator, aggregator and vivarium with few days of voting instead of adding another mod that will add more delay on server loading. People also sell element to power the tek gen (1 element = 24 real hours of power). The servers are more balanced after the "big wipe" and the economy is going as it should be, not devaluated. Get genesis season pass (genesis 2 map) expansion and you will literally swim in element.

    edit: N+ Item Aggregator replaces entirely the N+ Farmer/ N+ Gardener, N+ Animal Tender "Easter Bunny" N+ Sheep Herder, Pulls eggs/poop from vivariums, pulls anything generated in dinos inventory, even spoiled meat. Distributes anything to anything (berries/meat/spoiled meat to troughs - thatch to compost bins etc) -> It combines multiple tools in one handy tool and as a bonus you can put any DERMIS to change it's appearance.

    There's a huge green beam showing you the location where you died. That's convinient enough for me at least. Anyway more mods = more issues where ARK get updated and they dont. Pull/push range is up to 70 foundations - you can pull anything to your inventory even if you're not close enough to the location you died. Simply make N+ Omni Tool and on "Advanced Transfer" you choose point -A- as "item cache" (if you died and your body was eaten by hungry danger noodles or a derpy dilo ofc) choose all items that show in the list (to be sure you get everything) - and point -B- be your "personal inventory. Or simply loot your body / pull with crossbow+grapling hook if you died in a cave deeps. If 3 tek generators power 1 tek teleporter at the same time - everyone on the map is able to use the N+ Omni Tool "teleporter"option where LMB shows you all available/open tp's on the map and RMB place a TP beacon at your location. So if you feel like dying you can either TP away or place a TP beacon at the location you're going to die - than get 1 thatch (the cost of N+ omni tool) make new one and TP to the beacon where you died. and receive your inventory back. I would of put that guy with the hands "there you go meme" but meh.