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    Oh wow nanahooter , that is a pretty awesome looking boat. I like the idea. Do the sunken foundations, walls, floors etc give any protection from the leeds? Seems I read or saw somewhere that that is a way to protect the raft by having metal sunk (which is what i THOUGHT i did on my last raft but the alpha leed still killed it)

    Hey guys,

    I'm starting to come back and get active again and thought I would build a metal boat (yacht style) on the center (seems the perfect place to have a super yacht). I've been hitting youtube and other places up but I'm looking for inspiration on yacht builds. I'm curious to see what you guys have or have seen. My last yacht got destroyed by a Leedsichthys while I was offline so I'm interested to see what counter-measures people have come up with. Also, we don't have the extended raft mod on this server do we? I've seen some awesome designs but I think they require some sore of extended raft mod to work properly.

    Basically my goal is to have something I can have a refrigerator and landing platform for birds and use as a jumping off point to tame things. I look forward to what you guys have designed so I can shamelessly steal some inspiration!


    Has there ever been any thought to adding an extended raft mod onto the PvE server? Since rafts count as an outpost it would be nice to build a bit more onto the rafts. In the words of Brody from Jaws "You're gonna need a bigger boat!" :D:D

    I've been using the Smart Breeding App with great success, however I've run into a snag with it since the baby raise times were changed (admittedly quite a while ago :(....just havnt done much breeding since then). I've been trying to work out the new values but I keep getting errors. I'm also curious as to what the actual values are during a double breeding event (part of my problem seems to be stemming from incorrect values doubled (or halved) during an event. If anyone can help with this I would be extremely grateful.

    Thank you!

    I just logged on after a few days of inactivity to check on my dinos...I noticed that all of the items related to the Soul Trapper Mod now say "Outdated Mod". That is the storage, the empty soul trappers and the soul trappers with my dino's stored in them. Is this a mod that is no longer on the server and I need to find another way to store my dinos or is it a simple case of that mod needs to update on my client? (Sorry this is a bit longer of a "short" question)

    35 melee is higher than my current male which only has around 20. I'd be interested in an unspayed female for sure if you can part with one. I'm on the island but I have bases on the center and ragnarok. Let me know what you'd like to get for it and when you want to meet up or do the trade over the AH.

    I got my tail end royally handed to me in the Snow Cave on the Island today and lost my otter. I'm looking to replace it. I'd prefer a high level (melee) female otter to breed back to the male that I still have. Obviously not spayed, no mutations if possible.

    Thank you.

    Sounds like alot of fun....Depending on the date you set it up, I'd like to see about buying a stall to sell some Spinos/ Raptors and possibly some TEK Rexes. If I can't dedicate time to set up a booth I'd definitely stop by, I've got an outpost a few trees over from you lol ;)