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    This isn't possible because of technical restrictions. For the Funserver we won't make any Transfers to other Servers, but I can talk to the Team and see if we can find a solution for the Low Rate Servers.

    Hello survivors,

    at the end of last week/ the beginning of this week, dozens of PvE players were banned after we caught them at seriously violating the rules. Specifically, the players involved have duplicated tens of thousands of items (Elements) with the help of a game bug of a structure (Steampunk Recyler) and with that they have deliberately violated our rules.

    In addition, all dinos and structures were deleted for several Players who abused this bug aswell, but in a smaller scale. We are still checking logs to identify all Players that have been abusing this bug the past weeks.

    Please note: We have a 0 tolerance policy regarding, glitching, bugusing, duping and cheating. The Ghost Division team will take decisive action against such rule violations and we will take the necessary measures to prevent such violations. Because of this, the Server Owners have internally ordered to review all tribes on the PvE cluster. This has already happened for the most part. All imposed bans are permanent.

    We ask our players at this point to follow the rules.

    Thanks for your understaning,

    The Ghost Division Team

    Gibt es hier schon was neues? Wir warten aktuell auf die Mod, da wir gern ein paar Häuser auf Plattformen bauen möchten und unsere ersten Versuche zwar ansehnlich, aber noch lang nicht optimal und noch dazu extrem aufwändig waren :D

    Kann ich hier irgendwie unterstützen? Würde mir dann mal nen Abend Zeit nehmen, mit der Mod rumspielen und versuchen, irgendwelche Exploits hin zu bekommen. Das ganze könnte ich dann als Video online stellen oder so. Oder gibt es sonst eine Möglichkeit, wie ich den Vorgang durch Eigeninitiative beschleunigen kann?

    um die mod hatte koga sich eigtlich gekümmert also keine Ahnung ob da noch was passiert


    the PvE cluster is currently offline. The reason is an critical hardware failure. We are sorry to announce that the servers won't be back online before tomorrow. Some parts of the hardware need to be replaced and this takes some time.