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    I havn't played on the Genesis map yet, but heard that you can not transfer any stuff to it, only away from it. Is that still true?

    If so you still have to do a completly fresh start once you decide to get over there and build a base. So you don't get any other advantage then your already leveled character. Yes that is a nice thing but since you transfer over as the ARK gods made you, it still the same hard work for everyone to get up and running or not?

    And as long as Gacha-Loot-Grinding is still allowed on official, I don't see why you should not allow mission loot grinding here. The time invested should yield something and it really feels odd if you just "throw away" loot that you would not use personally and no one would transfer loot over to other maps to recycle it there since you transfer on a 1 item per slot basis instead of one stack of resources per slot.

    Are there any Gachas on Genesis?

    You said that you took a break from ARK of 2 years or so, have you done element veins in Extinction? with a good mining setup trust me you can get an insane amount of element

    Is the base in question on Extinction? Then ok...yes it is easy with some good tames and time to mine a Element vein. But for any other server it still is not as easy even with Gachas to cap-fill Tek turrets with Elemen shards. Can you grind normal element back to element dust? I know it can be slowly done the other way round.

    About capping your turrets.. isn't it better to use tek ones (considering you are in extinction) and even use forcefields? so you don't need to use that amount of resources

    Obviously not the user you directed this at but packing a TEK turret to the cap with element shards is going to take a serious ammount of Element per turret. I can see why she is going the adv. rifle bullet route instead. More production steps for sure but easier to get the resources imo.

    Oh? Then they might have changed it...I took a two year ARK break...and I am pretty sure that you could not set the turrets in that way back then. Sorry for beeing so noobish here...

    Orion314 Your idea of a forum post like "How to train your turrets?" would be your solution. You could pick which wild creatures can be dangerous on which map and how to set the turrets in the correct way to only target those. I would maybe include settings for stone/metal/tek since that will be the most used materials for permanent base builds.

    They hunt on sightline? But why do you die inside your starter hut to a wild dino when a predator comes to close? I always thought is is a certain range of foundations inside which they aggro. If it is really just sightline then maybe you could build your bases wild dino prove but still I would not forbid turrets for the super rare cases that especially that level 150 you were after got killed. How many times outside of dino scan event does that even happen?

    If the dino I'm trying to tame its not aggresive to your base or your outside dinos then I'm sorry but that is not bad luck that is overkilling, imagine a base in the center spikes close to queztal spawns killing them.. bad luck too? There are no rules of where to build a base I mean dino spawn points not resource and that other building rules (no idea about lava island) which is good because then it would be to restrictive, but in some situation you may not need to kill everything that moves.

    The Problem is that you can ONLY set Tek turrets with a Blacklist or whitelist what and what not to shoot. All other turrets can only be set to complete categories like "only wild" or "only tamed" / "only survivors" and so on. You can't tell your heavy auto turret to only target Gigas for example. It either shoots any wild dino or no wild dino. So this is more of a turret problem IMO.

    If a base is really build so close to a creature spawn that it kills everything that spawns there like your Quetz example then I would take a screenshot and make a ticket for it. Such extreme cases are ultra rare and will be dealt with by the admins on a case by case basis. Of that I am sure. But each "normal" base that does not completely kill a spawn of rare creatures should not get forced to remove their turrets or to build only TEK turrets.

    The Problem is that sadly enough players still pull wild creatures to bases...sometimes by accident while fleeing from them and sometimes just out of a bad mindset to try to get other players bases damaged or destroyed. I can understand that people build their bases with defenses this way.

    Problem is, you can only set the Tek Turrets to attack only certain creatures and ignore everything else that could do no harm to their base. And since those turrets use Element shards as ammo not all tribes are willing and able to just use those. And IMO you can't force players to only use TEK turrets.

    I do understand both sides here and making a decision will be a tough nut to crack. On the other hand if you use a taming-trap you can lure the creature you want to tame inside so it is safe from other players turrets. If it happens to be too close to a player base and you can't lure or pull it away it is a case of bad luck.

    Hi Gov,

    I'd like to buy one female on Aberration (same base as Tyron):

    - Ravager blu+whi born 235 - 41 hp 28 sta 36 weight 36 dmg (0/20) = 50 GC ea

    And another thing...I hope you did not get me wrong with my last post considering the Tek cave run. It really came across to me as a call for teaming up rather then your second post under the market place wich sounded more like a service you pay for which is fine. Sorry for the missunderstanding there. ;)

    Contact me on Discord please when you are able to deliver the Ravager.


    I don't wanna come across too rude but, how does "but we lack people" work with "A donation of 30 ghost coins per person is required."?

    I mean you either buy yourself a place and get a comfortable place in the 2nd row while you and your mates pull the ones that paid through the fight or you ask people for help, they bring a decent tame and a decent gun with enough ammo and everything else needed for the Tek Cave but then you don't pay for coming along.

    I would join you I think but I don't like that I have to pay you to help you out. We can talk about bringing a part of the tributes required in addition to a decent rex + saddle plus the rest of the needed stuff. But Ghostcoins? I dunno...seems too much for the amount you still ask from the people that join you.

    Let me know if my tribemate and I can pay you with a part of the needed tributes and you may count two good players in. I sure will ask if my tribemate rather wants to spend GC for it but I doubt it.

    Ingame Name: ThePassionateGamer

    Tribe: Arkaholics Anonymous

    Base Location: 38.9/14.9

    Reward Request: One Max. Level Phoenix please + perfect tame


    if possible contact me on Discord and then we can meet at the base. If that is not possible or I don't have the time to come there, just put it somewhere on passiv please.

    Thank you.

    I can see the use in this too. But I would even go so far as to limit it to a onetime use but make it craftable and not a GC reward because if you limit it to a one time use it really only is useable as an error correction thing and that should not cost you GC imo.

    Though I don't speak for the Team of GD I can put my 2 Cents up here. I think the decision was made because Ragnarok was at it's 5k limit for weeks and it started to show in the community. Players complained daily about the limit and how it effected new and old players alike.

    Lowering the tame limit was the next logical step after the mod was installed. So that everybody suddenly was forced to consider which tames really needed to be out in the open and which did not. If they had not lowered it we would maybe still be closer to or at the limit now. Yes I just speculate here but people are lazy you know that...

    So now at least Ragnarok is below the limit again...not like cut in half but at least playable for all again. So I say...good decision.

    yeah, after hearing everyone's responses I agree as well that this is a good solution for the long-term. Player (including one in my own tribe who will remain nameless lol) will need to adjust to it. But luckily the dino storage mod adss new conveniences to bringing dinos around that didn't exist before.
    I think the only thing I am sad about now is that we spent all that time building such large pens for our dinos, and now because of the new dino storage mod and tribe limit, they are mostly empty now. What a waste hahaha

    Right, I forgot the Tek Generator. They got added now to the voting rewards though..still you need to be able to farm some element to power them or maybe buy some over the forum-marketplace or the AH if someone is willing to sell. I got the same problem...we build a nice barn like stable for our tames and now it is kinda empty...I gotta shift some tames around though, that those I keep outside now occupy the building, then it has a purpose again. ;)

    As for Kibble-Tames. The Vivarium got changed to 500 metal ingots crafting costs if I read the news right. 500 metal ingots are not really hard to get. So there is your free space your Kibble-Tames took up.

    As for the will need a few farming tames which can be stored when not in use as can the personal tames like #WyvernFromTheBoss or anything fancy someone likes to have as a personal tame.

    You can set internal rules how many tames each member may be allowed to keep "outside" of the storage. But what do you need even with 10 players in the tribe that you need more then 50 tames at the same time? Bossfights take 20 tames max. so still 30 slots left for other tames at the same time. Breeding can only be done what, twice per day or so and then you can store them again because the mating timer still counts down even when stored. You could even breed a hell lot of tames at the same time on the same server if you switch out the tames for mating eacht time. Sure more work, but can be done.

    There are very few things that "need" to stay outside to work. Snails, Dung Beetles and Ovis maybe (if you need tons of wool) or maybe a Kairuku farm for bio-polymer but you don't need too much of those out to have it work. And even if you do you could declare on server as your ressource farm and use almost all 50 slots there for the above mentioned tames and just transfer the resources via obi or tek transmitter. There are plenty of ways to get around with 50 tames out at the same time. Just adapt a little and enjoy the greater server performance coupled with more satisfied new players because they can finaly tame again.


    can I please get the following as my voting reward?

    Playername: ThePassionateGamer

    Tribe: Arkaholics Anonymous

    Server: The Island PVE

    Base @ LAT/LNG: 39.4 \ 14.8

    Reward: 1x Ice Wyvern max Level + Perfect Tame + 100% Imprint on (ThePassionateGamer) for 350 GC

    Could you please name it [TPG], set it on passive and hitch it next to the Kairuku's? That would be great. Thank you!