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    I see the biggest problem in the fact that Eco got a hell lot of "good" deco mods. How many do you install and how much will each one hit performance?

    People like different things. If the owners start to allow one of Eco's deco mods others will complain why they did not allow their favorite the end you gonna need half a dozen additional mods or more which all will "only" make the bases look better at the cost of perfomance and loading times.

    Don't get me wrong, I can see why people like those mods and if we had a roleplaying cluster I would be all for it since those mods can really set the mood if you go all in and roleplay a surviving community. But as it currently is at least I don't really see the need for deco mods.

    If we would find enough people willing to donate or add a Patreon membership, the owners could think about adding a RP server to the cluster or maybe even seperatly from the cluster to really make it stand out. There you could implement deco mods and stuff. You could even run a vote which "Setting" you'd maybe go all out simple survival with no tek and no guns or something? Or ARK-Waterworld for example if there is a good map for that...there are many options.

    Yeah I was surprised too when I first saw it. I'd been away from ark for like 2 years, so when I returned the argie TLC happened without me knowing. At first I was like "oh cool the argie got a better model", then I killed my first dilo and saw the rapid healing status and I freaked out.

    I used argie packs for hunting for a long while after that :D

    I knew about the healing mechanic and love it. I always used Argies for when anything bigger made no sense or when I did not want to "risk" my Wyverns. With this healing you can quickly heal Argies back up after a fight. Really nice addition.

    What I did not notice is that the healing leads to rapid food consumption. Since you kinda always have meat when you heal because you have to "eat" a corpse to start it, I never really noticed that food was going down quickly.^^

    It's not an exploit, food drain is intended behavior while the argie has the rapid healing buff. (That's what the wiki says anyway)

    Think of it like the daeodon's ability, only the argie can't cast it on other dinos, only on itself and only when it consumes corpses.

    Oh...I did not notice that beforehand. Then it's totally ok. Silly me for not knowing, sorry. Did not want to talk bad about a hint but did not want to see new people using exploits, thinking it is ok to do so. ;)

    If an argentavis falls alseep while having the "Regeneration buff" (25 seconds after HITTING a corpse) it'll instantly loose ALOT of food and instant-tame.

    You can trick it to attack a corpse by standing inside one and then putting it to sleep within this time to instant-tame them.

    Not to be the big party-pooper here but isn't that more of an exploit then a usful hint? Just saying because it reads like this is no intended game mechanic and thus should not be used according to the rules

    Hehe I already see myself and my mighty void wyvern flying proudly through ARK's sky and then losing it to some BS I had no control over. :D;(

    That would be typical for me.

    Could we clone just one for personal use to be safe from losing such a "rare" creature? So a strict one reward one clone of it thing. Would be nice.

    Kraken is one of the best modders out there, also very active. IF something went really wrong and he wouldnt be able to fix it, he would just remove a certain dino from his mod, and admins would be able to switch the corrupted dino to its vanilla version, so things wouldnt be lost. Plus the mod itself is highly configurable.

    Alright then there is quick help in such a case. Question still stands if we need another mod. We already have 10 mods iirc and number 11 is on its way for the event-reward (Void Wyvern). How many mods is too many? 15? 20?

    I see the problem more or less in the mod itself. It changes many of the vanilla dinos, right? What if Wildcard changes those like the upcoming TLC? Will it work or break the game? Would we have to wait for a mod update or risk losing our tames or being unable to play?

    Each new Wildcard game update already feels a little bit like a russian roullete if it will run fine or not. Each mod beeing one more source of possible problems. And especially one that changes many vanilla creatures. I don't really like the idea of lost or corrupted tames after a patch. Maybe I am just too sensitive in this matter but if I (at least for me) weigh risk against reward, I'd have to say nope better not another mod.

    I am not saying that it can't be fun playing this mod but you have to consider the rather large number of mods we already have.

    Please people don't let this escalate and stay nice.

    Gacha farming won't see any more automatic features just because the server owners already decided against it quite some time ago. As Kat said the Structures Plus mod and the Dino Storage (Souls) mod both offer alot of the features you mentioned in your mod-making offer. Therefore even if you put all your experience into making a great mod it won't get implemented on this cluster.

    My best guess is, that it is just because the owners did not want to make Gacha farming any easier so that normal farming methods don't become totally absolete.

    So thank you for your offer, you can of course make this mod and relaease it in the workshop for other players to have fun with it if you want to.

    I agree but being arked is also losing items to transfer before a server rollback which idk if anything can return that

    "Being arked" is of course more then finding your your death-bag somewhere you can't reach it, that's right.

    I just wanted to point out that a mod the OP asks for could help with that part of the "Arked" issue.

    But let us not forget that "beeing Arked" became a thing with this game too. So you can lose all your stuff somewhere you can't even reach it and since Admins don't replace stuff lost to ARK being ARK again...I can see a quite a few cases of fair usage cases for a "Get-your-stuff-back"-mod. Sure some people will take less care with this or even try to do suicide get the egg via mod like things. But I think the positive usage cases outweigh the negative ones.

    No I mean if I can keep both on the same map at once, one logged out and one logged in.

    Oh sorry I got that wrong. Yes as far as I know you can keep your crafting char (or 2nd account char if you will) logged out on the same map you play your main character on. He/she will be handled like any other tribemember from the server.

    Also if I do it this way can both my main and my crafting characters be on the same map at once?

    I guess not since you would need to run two instances of Steam at the same time to run both accounts. Maybe with another PC or a virtual machine? I never tried that to be honest.


    So it basically means the more levels in crafting you can have the better. Thx.

    Wait, family sharing works on the same PC? Wut? That would be amazing.

    It does. You create a new Steam account, enable the familiy share thing...dunno the steps anymore but it was easy and then you can use games you did not buy on the 2nd account on the same PC. Ingame you have to have someone that invites you to the tribe though, that is gonna be a problem when you are the only tribemember. And of course you have to level and do the bossfights with your crafting char to get to max possible level.

    But I have never tested how many points in crafting still make sense and if there is a theoretical hardcap you can reach or not.

    Would be nice to know that like 150-200 levels in crafting yield almost the same results as all 251 level you can get with full ascension, all bosses done and Chibi Pet on level five.

    I am with you partly on this. Even though my Tribe did put quite a few hours of building in on Ragna, I still get it that it is one of the most liked map and therefor it is hugely overpopulated with bases.

    But you gotta be honest...your request far exceeds anything that could be called humble. I mean a wipe itself is one huge request but I'd say that it could be considered if it would help the majority of the player base on the server. Like when there is a serious bug that can't be fixed for example.

    But calling for a "outpost only" rule? If you had asked for a no outpost rule (like on Geneis servers), that would have come across way less demanding. But Ragna is just too beautiful not to build bases on there. I mean really a 7x7x4 build, a single tree/cliff platform, a Megachelon or a raft/motorboat and nothing else? Nope I doubt that is ever gonna happen.

    Asking that people do not breed on Ragna is something I could be ok with since we got a huge list of servers to breed on, it does not have to be the most crowded base wise. That is something that could help and with enough time to move their stuff I think players could agree on.

    Otherwise I don't think much of what you are asking for is even close to beeing considered.

    Gamesave on every player transfer? The hell no...server saves are one cause for lag and you really want additional saves for each arriving player? Nah, not gonna happen.

    If you really have to move very important stuff, just upload it via loot drop/obilisk/tek transmitter and download it after you sucessfully transfered over with nothing too important to lose if something goes wrong. Yes you could still lose stuff if you download it and the server crashes before the next save is made but it's not like Ragna crashes several times a day or something. At least not that I know of.

    Maybe you are just having really bad luck or the source of the problem is on your side alltogether. Have you ever considered that? Transfer timeouts can occur because your client lags or your internet is not stable enough and whatnot else. There are several things from your side that could lead to this problem too. Have you ever checked those? Just saying...

    The problem is rather simple...the boosted rates don't match with the normal rates. Just don't start another batch of Rexes when the event's almost over and you are fine. You get the whole weekend to benefit from the boosted rates just watch the remaining time before you breed more.

    If you really need to get that imprint up to 100% you still can invest Ghostcoins to buy imprint.