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    Hey guys, it's been a fun couple of months but with my new semester, a gigantic project I am managing and everything, I have decided to quit on the servers for now. Thanks everyone who ever helped me, the people who have joined doing countless boss fights, Tek Caves and Titans and the admins who are still keeping these some of the best ARK servers out there.

    Now the interesting part: I am selling some of my breeding lines with all rights that come with an original line alongside some other stuff.

    Contact me here or via Discord! First come first served! Discord: Arcanumbra#5099

    Breeding sets:

    Boss-ready armies:

    Random dinos with varying levels - best will be sold first, price is fixed for Neutered, we can discuss fertile prices

    Special "Dinos": (Prices in names, details per DM)

    TEK and other Structures + ressources (limited supply)

    Blueprints (ask specifically about TEK-BPs, I've got too many to list)

    Everything to be picked up at my base on THE ISLAND @68 82

    If you're looking for something else, feel free to ask. First come, first served! No reservation, I can wait for you as long as nobody else wants it who can pay instantly.

    Prices negotiable to some extent (especially those x GC named dinos) - GC is a must nonetheless.

    I will leave this thread open for about 1 week, then everything will be deleted.

    Have a good time everyone and thanks for the shared adventure.

    Hey guys,

    I thought maybe you would like to also see how our King Titan Fight (Alpha) on monday went. It was the first on the PVE cluster even though it could've been done sooner.

    Even if it's not really worth it I'd love to see others attempt doing it as well :)

    Up to you if you pay for this or not. You can of course go and buy those on AH for 15GC too. I don't mind.

    I've been selling 155 Armor saddles from this BP so it's up to everybody's will to pay or not pay.

    And I'm willing to negotiate if there's a point to it. DM for that.

    Me being a smart person, managed to fail realizing I've got this most beautiful BP for Extinction in my stock.

    I'm willing to let you craft your own saddles with it.

    - You have to bring the materials to my base for crafting.

    - 15GC per crafted saddle

    - no refund if the quality is not as good as you had wished

    - you pay upfront

    I recommend mindwiping your character before it and putting all levels into crafting skill.

    Alternatively I can do that on my character and craft with your materials (Level 251, 2600% Crafting skill possible) (+30GC to the total price for having me click my fingers dead).

    Mats needed:

    Some examples: my first 4 crafted saddles

    DM on discord (Arcanumbra#5099) or here.


    As long as the babies are frozen their imprint timer does not count down anyway. I also think that given that, it should really be considered to simply enable this option. It's peoples' problem if it takes a week for imprinting a dino and after all, you gotta have it standing around the same time as before in total if I understand that correctly.

    Being able to imprint them and still get 7 hours of sleep a night and go to work or uni or whatever seems much better than what we have rn. If it takes a week to do so, so be it. I personally am stuck in a work - ark balance in which I can't raise anything at all anymore and asking another person to stay up for me for 26 hours (> gigas on extinction) is just unreal if we're honest. I have a 3 person tribe with everybody down to having less than 5 consecutive hours per day or even less, to play ark (= all our free time). We can't do shifts. We do play here bc we DO NOT want to play official due to the amount of time needed there.

    My entire game progress is stalling bc I can't raise my dinos to a point I need them to be at. I don't want to pay for imprinting a bunch of gigas I am going to lose in the next drop due to a game crash like yesterday either.

    All this worked well a couple of months ago when my weekends were free (and hell have I been lucky with that, most people don't even have that) and now I understand why people wish for a feature like this.

    I am PRO frozen babies.

    Hey guys,

    after days of killing <lvl 100 Manas and getting tired of it I'd like to buy the stats I am looking for.

    As the title says I'm looking for stats higher than 42 (or 44+ in Health) in breedable Managarmrs. Doesn't matter if they've only got one good stat as long as they do not have mutations and are still fertile.

    I'll pay 150GC for any Mana that has one stat that good!

    DM me here or in discord (Arcanumbra#5099)

    Looking forward to your offers!

    Capitano Arca

    So I have just learned that there is no need to manually translate them if you wear a Tek Helmet :D

    so yeah, closed

    Dia tyvm :)

    I count 1 I already have in my starting post

    47.6 - 39.0 is not entirley readable, damn these vines

    55.3 - 36.6 sadly has an invisible spot

    The rest is pretty much perfect, thank you very much for your help! GC coming over ~