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    So I have just learned that there is no need to manually translate them if you wear a Tek Helmet :D

    so yeah, closed

    mrdiablo tyvm :)

    I count 1 I already have in my starting post

    47.6 - 39.0 is not entirley readable, damn these vines

    55.3 - 36.6 sadly has an invisible spot

    The rest is pretty much perfect, thank you very much for your help! GC coming over ~

    Hey guys,

    primarily I wanna say I am so frustrated looking for dinos on extinction that are worth being tamed that I'd like to short cut my way to some useful breeding pairs :')

    So if you have any

    Rex, Giga, Velona, Owl or Managarmars with a stat of 35+ (Velonas 43+)

    (check for the base stats)

    and you are looking to earn something (whatever you want, we'll figure it out) pls dm me here or in Discord (Arcanumbra#5099)

    Thank you!

    Hey guys,

    you may have noticed the huge hologram banners etc around the sanctuary? I am looking for all of them! I wanna decode them myself ( I know people around the internet probably have done this already but whatever).

    So if you could screenshot the ones you pass by and also write down the coords I'd appreciate it if you could post them here :)


    • Please check if the ones you have found have already been posted here before posting. Same codes seem to be found at multiple places.
    • Make sure the signs are visible as clearly as possible. I know it is hard with all the clutter around them or the sky behind them but try your best :)
    • I dont care about the orientation, I can mirror it if neccessary so maybe shooting from the backside gets you a clearer shot.

    I'll pay you:

    • 3 GC per clear screenshot (all readable) incl GPS coords
    • 1 GC per screenshot (not all readable) incl GPS coords

    Example for a 3 GC shot:


    If you post one I already have received, sorry, no payment..

    If you're interested I can also post the translations here with spoiler tags.

    Thanks for helping me out :)

    I am just sad to always have everybody become so incredibly hateful towards the Devs if things don't work perfectly. I know they have never released on time and all but with a game as complex as ARK... I can't blame them. Even the company I work at fails at delivering DLCs without issues on a much smaller, less complex game. Steam plays a roll but also bugs that suddenly and only show up in the steam user version of non Devs and not the developement version or the steam version for in-Steam-devs etc.

    Nonetheless a crash at this point of release, only to be found now. That is tough sh*t. Tough to solve and actually something that should no longer be in the game a week before planned release. You would just stop adding stuff if it feels stable and got all major features built in successfully. Test thoroughly and only get rid of highest prio bugs. Release on time.

    Sounds easy but is impossible anyway

    Enjoy waiting, I'll go to bed now ^^'

    I am a solo player myself but enjoy collaboration on bigger tasks. Of course it is up to everybody's self on how much they wanna make it a challenge but it would make me somewhat sad to see others having a full metal base within one day while others still work in wood or so. Would feel kinda off. Of course it won't affect me directly.. just my opinion

    I assume (hope) there will not be an open transfer at the beginning of extinction (maybe until half a year into it) as it would take the challenge and the fresh feeling of the DLC away to just walk over with a bunch of Boss Rexes and 100k resources. Of course some people would like it but personally it would feel to me like going into SP, cheating everything and be disappointed about the new stuff bc of taking the interesting aspects away which is: building up, surviving, exploring.

    It's not even hard to earn GC / ARc if you offer special things for them. Of course you need to have made some good progress in game to be able to earn them properly but without work and time invested, like the others said, there would be inflation and that would make ARc useless in the long term. They are supposed to be valuable. You are not forced to buy anything with them and I personally am always willing to also sell for an appropriate amount of normal resources instead of ARc. Just talk to the sellers.