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    Yeah to be fair I am pretty sure the suggestion will get a no but I also really do enjoy building detailed bases with extensive gardens so putting the suggestion out there in the hopes it might get a yes ^^

    Hi All,

    Would you consider adding Eco's Trees mod or Eco's Trees Mod light both are very complimentary to the currently installed Eco’s Garden crafting table. Just having the Garden crafting table is nice but could be utilised a lot more fully with the trees mod e.g. – actually having plants/trees to place in the plant pots you can make in the Garden crafting table and coral/water lilies to use in the water blocks it also allows for some very nice finishing touches to base building.

    Mods sizes -

    Eco’s Trees Light – 61mb

    Eco’s Trees – 201mb

    Added a screenshot of a previous build with the eco mods just to show what they can look like

    Many Thanks,