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    Imagine taming something and then suddenly a dude with a cannon waltzes in and ruins ur day xD xD XD xD.
    The styder is pointless on x1 anyways. No use for it for gathering on gen2. its only use on GD is for getting the note if someones collecting them all. That's the harvest event for. So even that is covered. Other than then, the styder is just taking up 20 tame limit. I used it maybe twice during the event. Has no use ad is unnecessary on pve. Takes the joy of playing away.

    Evening everione,

    I was wondering if its possible to add element dust and mutageN as items received as payment in auctions in Auction house?
    Also element dust as a sellable item? (it seems mutagen can be added for auction to be sold)

    Or would that be against servers concept / not possible by the mod itself?

    Im a solo player and have a big metal base and i realy dont see the point in the solo farm mod on a pve server. Just use dinos to farm stuf and have multiple argies/quetz with you. Keep all the metal on the anky (has masive metal weight reduction) whip it when needed and other times carry it with an argy. take stone and other stuf u want to keep from the anky and tranfer on argy if u wanna keep it. An wildtame argy with 1500ish weight can eassily carry an anky with 8k+ raw metal. Took 20-30 min to farm, upload, download and carry to base with 3 wild tamed argies

    How are we going to "claim" the shiny dinos?
    Claim, as in, everyone gets the message on screen that "a shiny has appeared on cords x y" and people from different tribes theoretically rush to it. Some want to kill it, some want to tame it. People might start arguing who has the "right" to kill/tame it.... typing "claim shiny" in chat when you get to it or smth? Given people don't abuse the knowledge that a shiny has appeared in the fist place and automatically type claim when it spawns. no matter they are on the other side of the map at that moment...