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    1) we haven't just added a few players, litearlly no one is left from the old tribe only me that's why i ask to only ban me please, unban evreyone else i would ask
    2) i meant the problem with foundations etc. being broken if that's the only part that broke the rules then refunding it surely solves the problem, if we broke 20 foundations by accident then we offer 100 as replacement then that's solving the problem surely we would have raided them and they would have lost more if we didnt break the foundations since now they are 80 foundations extra
    4) as far as i can tell the whole tribe is banned, i am even banned and haven't played in 3 days and was playing very little the last month due to real life stuff such as Exams

    5) i understand i literally asked you to ban me not the others, i no longer want to play either way due to it being too easy to being banned, i have spoken to multiple other alpha tribes from this server and they agree, i won't mention names but it is a serious problem and if you want your server to grow you really need to sort it out, i only speak like this to get my point across since i am banned anyways

    6) there is a difference between breaking evreything, literally every single item of a tribe and destroying 3 compost bins or such, building in a cave without realising there's loot is different to Nazi symbols in global chat so should have different consequences

    this is all i have to say, please name my name in any responses you want me to reply to i will not say anything more i believe you can be too harsh soerpoa and perhaps don't understand how much the server can matter to some players, to some it is the only game they play and you insta ban quite alot.

    PART 2

    I am sorry to make such a long post however i believe this server is great but could be better, at this point i have no idea if im banned because some tribe members are and i haven't had time to check but i would like to ask the admins to have a REAL discussion, like the one about banning us but now with all this information i have told you. Servers are going to become slightly agressive when alphas take over, it happens with every server as tribes need to show their power and dominance aswell as remove threats. This is the starting stage of every server, since the wipe it is to be expected but now that stage is over. However with you banning us you are effectively making this happen all over again as tribes fight to take our place, you can see i am active on the forums, i try to help people as much as i can i love the server and think the admins are great but i believe you simply missunderstand how this server is going to run. You have effectively waited untill the server is about to become super popular with loads of members and evreyone will be happy and then have started the unenjoyable process over again. It is for these reasons and that my best interests are in the server that i would request we are all unbanned and old warnings taken away as nothing that happened on SE was by the current tribe, i like the server so much that i would be fine if you ban only me as i am the only one active at most of the times we have recieved warnings. I would also ask that you admins would take into consideration if any rule breaks were minor or severe and intentional or not. i have now amassed 1500 hours into ARK and i would say 1400 are on this single PvP cluster server so i would like to say as a player i would know a bit about how the server runs and plays out from a players point of view. There hasn't been a single time we have tried to break a rule so i would like to ask you make a slight change to the rules, this is it:

    If a rule break is not clearly intentional or is a small rule break, penalties will occur, with the rule breaking tribe having to donate items, blueprints, resources or the such to replace any damage that has been done. Or if it is not during a raid, such as building in a forbidden spot, the tribe breaking the rules will donate an agreed amount of resources (decided by the admin/s) to smaller tribes to help them along, and are not allowed to raid these tribes for atleast a week to prevent resources being donated and raided back.

    So there it is, my post, i apologize for being in the support threat but it is kind of a support issue asking to be unbanned and old warnings from a previous tribe to be removed but mainly it is because the thread my tribemember wrote was closed by Soerpoa. I would ask that all available PvP admins or Server owners read this post, i understand kalaban is busy with real life stuff so i don't expect him to read this but i ask all other do.

    My thanks to the server and the admins for a great 1400 hours, but i believe i will have to leave the server even if i am unbanned unless something changes as it's too easy to be banned with no ill intent or real rule breaks, there was not a single instance that the ban came from, any warnings happened weeks ago and out of no-where we are banned this is unfortunate and i hope this changes with admin consideration as we dont complain and it's how PvP works, if we stay the server will prosper, if not chaos will happen again

    yours sinceredly SwagDaddy/Adam_Wood2001 from KaosKnights, PoliceSquad, Chaos, HappyTreeFriends

    I'd like to start off by saying how much i love this server, i have been playing for about a year now I believe, perhaps more and this is the only server i have played ARK on for a long time, i started off solo before the wipe and became the second biggest tribe, alone on TheCenter map so i clearly put some hours in on your server. I then joined The Center alphas Police Squad for a few months until the wipe happened. We were raided almost daily, prehaps more on Scorched Earth by the three alphas because at that time you could only take your character there so we had to start new. We did not complain, my tribe got angry and so many left or joined Center again, i carried on solo on SE hoping i would eventually get a break. I did not complain, i did not write a forum post, i didnt think it was unnessecary, as an alpha tribe you need to be cautious of tribes who can grow quickly and become a threat to months or years of hard work on the server. Then the wipe came, i started on scorched solo again as the only character transfer was still a thing and if you ruled scorched no one could touch you. I worked my way up, recruited old police squad members, and many new ones. We had ups and downs, members demo gunning whole buildings, stealing ascendant blueprints, even members quitting and taking 2 or so others with them to another server but we carried on and eventually beat popopiraten, the old alphas combined into the one tribe after the wipe. I say we beat them but they saw we were stronger and stopped playing, staying active on the forums to complain about our raid base saying we were building too close when in fact they just wouldn't let us raid them, coming on for an hour every week to reset timers. Eventually you introduced the rule about 7 hours online in 2 weeks and they got a warning and i believe they quit and some joined other tribes. This meant we could relax on Scorched and start building on center. We waited about a week to get building permission for the spot we wanted, being careful to not break rules and while this happened we eliminated some of the bigger threats on Scorched so we could allow the server to grow and prosper without us raiding people and making them quit. This is when the stone foundation warning happened, we were destroying a smaller base, however they were growing alarmingly quickly so we decided we would raid them to slow their progress down. They had vault dropped the whole base and in destroying these vaults and loot, Xl walls etc. we destroyed alot of foundations i'll admit. We even offered to replace the building parts as we didn't want to do that much damage. However they refused and reported us, to which we got a ban. This is when ALL of my members left, except one. We managed to get most of us unbanned because of a member who played purely on center, Kushdy talked to the admins and put the blame on one member who was posting memes in the forums so you clearly disliked him anyways. However this was not enough, you had made the members hate the server because it was so easy to loose all progress because some foundations were broken which we offered to replace which we thought was being kind as it is after all a PvP cluster. So there i was, with 1 member on SE and some on center and a huge alpha base which we had no hope of maintaining or growing and i had my exams coming up soon so i was on maybe an hour a day with the other SE member having the same problem. We worked hard, tried to follow the rules, we did follow the rules from my perspective they are just enforced too much, in raids stuff happens things get broken and i believe that unless its repetetive and excessive it shouldnt get a warning otherwise people place unlocked stuff by doors and walls and loot boxes so they get broken and the raiders are banned, it should be done on purpose or loads of times or alot to be a rule break in my opinion. Anyways, so then we started building up on center and merged with a tribe called Happy Tree Friends hoping the new, dedicated members would help the situation and they did. we started growing again, with a new huge base on center. We started to fight again with our new tribe, which was no longer the old tribe and all members except me and another were new. We raided mainly large tribes however this takes preparation and time and you can loose alot so we raided small(er) tribes in the mean time, not time, always metal with turrets and a way to try and defend, usually only one or two members so it wasnt too unfair. This is when people start complaining because they want PvP but dont want the bad side, only the good side. People want to raid but not be raided and complain when they are, trying to find rule breaks rather than having a clear one that they are annoyed about. The amount of posts with no actual rules we broke, just that we raided them is insane as i'm sure you admins know well. So then came the raid against leusele and xava, i forget their tribe name now but it was the most recent one, only a few days ago. Obviously anyone hates having alot of hard work destroyed but it is the nature of PvP and so people complain, leusele has now been in 2 semi-alpha tribes we have raided, and posts alot trying to get us banned and comments on threads completely unrelated trying to make us look bad with no actual evidence or anything to add to the conversation just that we are 'bad' people. We hate loosing progress just as much as other so we raid any threats and people complain just because we work harder, play more and i'd like to say in my opinion are better at raiding. I would like to take the time at this point to say that Xava and his tribe are a GREAT tribe, they are insanely good at defending and i have to give credit where it's due. We were not able to complete the raid against them in 8 hours although we were making progress it was slow since they are so good and they eventually combat logged and made a post about leaving the server, saying we are toxic to the server and the reason they're leaving (i believe i dont understand much german, this is what i got from the post). So here we are, with many complaints to the tribe but a new name, completely different players except me so we are effectively a new tribe i have just moved. It is at this point I am getting bored of ARK after feeling unable to raid due to complaints of rule breaks even though we try to do our best and it is at the point we video record every raid and take screenshots, a caution that should be unnecessary. We are getting banned for rule breaks from the old tribe, old players and people who no longer even play ARK and because we 'ruin the server' by raiding a few big tribes? This is the nature of ARK, there will eventually be an alpha tribe who play more, are likely better at ARK and try harder than other tribes and therefore come out on top, look at any official or unofficial server that has been up for over a couple of months its how the game works. We are not destroying the server's 'ecosystem' we are simply taking the move to become alpha and at this point we hava achieved it. Look at the PvP 10x Scorched Earth server, we are alpha there and haven't raiding in ages there and have let everyone grow, the same will now happen on Center with maybe the raid of SPEARS and 1Euro who are allies and effectively the same tribe and our only other competitors.

    1) its Kaos Knights not chaos knights
    2) Kaos Knights no longer exists, all tribes that used to be kaos knights are now HTF
    3) You have now complained about us in multiple posts, i would view this as harrassment please stop you are a PvE admin not a PvP one
    4) please show evidence and / or quotes of us lying as i dont believe i ever have and none of my tribe have as far as i am aware so without proof this is just you hating on us, making us look bad with no evidence of us doing anything bad
    5) To the raided tribe if we raided you i would like you to look at the larger tribes, such as DHL who we tried to raid but they surrender and upload all items so we cannot raid properly or 31ers/opeltuner/popopiraten who simply logged off for 2-3weeks when they realised we were about to raid them. We want to raid large tribes but none of them will stay and fight fairly so we have to resort to the smaller tribes who in my opinion have more honour and are better players to play with even though they are smaller they play fair.

    i'm SwagDaddy from the tribe KaosKnights, we currently have the problem that we cant upload or download any dinos unless we are admins. This is a problem because transferring to one of the other clusters to farm etc. is impossible unless evreyone is admin. I can't make evreyone admin because obviously thats a very powerful status in a tribe and the whole tribe could effectively be deleted if a single members gets drunk, annoyed etc. Is there any server settings or a tribe governance, rank setting etc. that can be changed to allow non admins to transfer dinos, since the transfer to Scorched Earth is now allowed transfer will happen alot more and an admin cant always be online.

    there is a base on PvP Center 10x PvP server at 90.0, 36.5 that has been abandoned for over 8 days. I asked them to move as i was building my base near, they said no so i started raiding them. I managed to kill about 20 dinos,d rain all turrets and get into the base before he said his 'no' was the start of 'bartering' with me or something :P anyways, they haven't been on for about 8 days and lost alot of dinos and all bullets so i guess they quit. The only reason i ask for admins to remove is because there are metal boxes which take 60+ days before you can demolish, such as at 90.9, 36.1 and this is really in the way of me building. This is the second 'floor' and fairly high up in the map, about 1/4 of the way to the height limit id say if you can't find it.

    I'm SwagDaddy from KaosKnights and this is TukiTaki's base i would like removed.
    Thank you in advance, and possibly change the destruction times on S+ metal storage boxes?

    Who cares ? its still griefing.

    youre saying big tribes dont attack eachother, i was saying we do and being raided 6 times in 4 days sucks sure, but theres probably a reason, bad defence with alot of loot or chatting shit in global etc.

    just gonna point out you say 50 slots of mats but list more than 50 slots worth of items?

    have lost access to some off base though the pin coded doors I have not, dinos I have lost control off, could you help me with getting dinos back please and If possible some off the gear.

    Thank you

    I am on Island PVE map atm

    Co-ords and steam name aswell as your old tribe name is usually what the admins will ask for, also why such a long title? :P could have easily been 'Merge went wrong' then us the main text as the actual problem :D

    There is a huge difference between griefing and pvp.

    The Big tribes on this server dont have enough balls to attack someone who got the same level, they just go and attack mini tribes and this is the Definition of griefing.

    This guy plays for 4 days and got raided 6 times yeah "PvP life" ridiculous.

    we raid big tribe, shame opel didnt have the balls to play for 2 weeks and let us raid them... but tbh the way ARK is at the moment raiding other big tribes isnt particularly worth it and the lag and DC's makes it extremely hard to raid any decent sized base

    i have no idea what counts as a cave or not, my point was mainly that im not an admin and dont have a say on whether its a cave, dont wanna affect the outcome of the thread, was just saying it is a very strong spot and almost unraidable