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    Thanks for all the feedback!
    Looking forward to finally present you the finished store & all the different offers we got for you.

    I will open a new thread for the announcement.


    Hello everyone!

    Today we will start selling a few of our dinos, to share with you, what we got.

    For now it will be on the PvE Cluster, including Island, Center, Ragnarok & Extinction.

    Please note, that these are fun projects, availabilty will depend on our activity.

    1. 'Textmarker' Dimorphodon Army

    All Dimophs will be sold grown and NEUTERED/SPAYED

    Price is 2k Metal Ingot / 20gc per Dimorphodon

    A breeding pair of any mutation will be 100gc / 30k metal ingots (limited offer)

    2. 'Bloody' Giganotosaurus

    Prices for a Giga Egg will be 100gc / 40k metal ingots.

    We will refresh this offer once in a while, maybe also including Extinction breeds if requested.

    For any questions or requests hit me up on discord, to keep this thread clean.


    Best Regards,


    This is not going to happen, because sometimes the server hang up in the past and then it would require a manual restart from the Server Owners. But we are not here all the time, so it could cause long downtimes. In addition, sometimes multiple updates for mods and ARK itself are rolled out within a very short period of time, causing the server to restart multiple times and this would result into a lot of Wild Dino Wipes without any warning.

    Last but not least, Wild Dino Wipes will increase the time of server restarts by around 5 minutes depending on server size etc. It can happen that you are able to login, but you would get kicked shortly after. So this could cause a lot of random deaths of players now knowing what is going to happen. In fact you are not able to see when the Wild Dino Wipe is finished or not. Not even we can see it. This increased startup times would cause downtimes that would also affect our scores in the toplists in a negative way.

    All right. Is it possible to have wipes more often? Drops and veins are screwed after 2-3days after wipe

    I did regular wild dino wipes when Extinction launched and we saw that broken spawns, but that just led to a big fight and a lot of accusations, that is why we don't wipe wild dinos any longer. We need to wait for a fix published by Wildcard (hahaha).

    Sorry guys, but I won't wipe creatures anymore, don't want to get my tribe or myself into trouble

    We all know that you did not do these wipes to somehow earn advantages for yourself or your tribe, as none of you were even online at these wipes until the evenings.

    Nevertheless, a regular wipe everyone knows of grants no advantages to anyone.

    I think i don't have to explain a lot.

    Extinction Spawns are still broken, also affecting drops / veins etc. .

    Some spawns that are just necessary are wasted after a few days (Beevers, Gachas, Gigas etc).

    After a while there is hours with no drops / veins across the whole map (f.e. today from 09am to now - no drops no veins at all).

    After Gunnsen stopped doing it regulary, it got much worse and buggy animals, and delayed / laggy drops got to be a common thing.

    I'd appreciate if you could include an automated wild dino wipe into the restart at 12:35 every day (or just every few days), if possible, to fix the spawns and keep the map alive / working, as wildcard obviously can't / does not want to fix anything.


    Actually the table makes sence, even if some of the values on top must be slightly different.

    Taking a look at settings, you'll see that the Giga would need more imprints than possible at our rates (In case of the calculations being correct).

    The time you got to imprint it, is too low to reach 100% here, as it feels like it is calculated for sth between 33 and 34 imprints, so 1 less than required.

    *Edit: I don't think it is the maturation, as you need up to 30h until its fully grown.

    I vote no,its wrong dude,1.5h means less imprint..Faster than that i dont think its possible(on the owners perspective) we remain with this timers..

    I manage to imprint my wyverns 91%,both eggs was lv 155..i didnt lose any second on tham,..i was 2 minutes away from imprinting 1 more time..thats life..when they want to walk..they want to walk..

    And to have 100% guaranted imprint u need to reduce cuddle interval about 0.005 and mature speed about 20 ..and in 12 min u have a rex 100% imprinting...Thats why i can guaranted the owner will not ruin the server just to have 100% guaranted imprinting...

    Just pray to have luck..and when baby want to go in a walk with u,grab your faster bird and fly at low attitude a good distance..he will get the imprint..

    Its about the time in between. Idk if you imprinted a few gigas in the last time, but its 30h f.e. . That means 30h only like 20min spare time (if even) between imps.

    Edit: Maybe just on Extinction for now as a test f.e. - because its mainly Giga imprinting there? Kogadins

    Yeah, but it will get worse is all I am saying. While I love the idea to get 1.5 hours between imprints I also hate creatures with imprint bonus below 100% xD

    you could go higher with the imprint bonus, to be sure like 0.25, but you'd have to figure out which dinos needed it and if it would make other dinos "too easy" to imprint