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    We did not have any problems when it was enabled at the start of extinction (with a way bigger playerbase on ext.), so i dont really understand why it should be one now.
    The tamed titans i have seen so far are basically just not used 24/7 and just blocking all others on the cluster being able to do them.

    As its a pve server you can not argue with "thats how it is", as ark is just balanced for PvP and if i want the titan my self i just come over and wipe a base and a titan if i'd like to have it more than the others.

    In any case titans cannot be whistled to attack. You need people piloting them. And if you don't have the numbers for it, cant really see and advantage to this. Also what is the interaction if more than one of the same titan is on the server at the same time. 3 different titans itself is a very heavy load on a server, imaging 7-8 titans running around at the same time on the map and used for OSDs and Veins,etc. Would be against this idea for sure.

    Its also the fact, that you cant start a bossfight if one is tamed (Great idea btw wildcard), even not to kill it for the trophies (King Titan fight) or for the loot (Mek Gear Bps - only way to get).

    The cooldown in the bosses is quite high anyways and there cant be more than 3 on the server.
    There are a lot of tribes with 3+ players that can easily tame/kill any titan, which results in nearly 24/7 blocked Titans.


    We started playing again 2 weeks ago and are finally up and motivated doing some titans again.

    But it seems like you cant even summon a Titan any more if other players have it outside and also not soul it any more..

    I dont really understand why you disabled it on a pve server, as its a special creature that costs a lot of effort to be tamed and nearly always any player on the cluster will have one tamed, which means incredible long waiting times and a bad mood on the players.

    I assume you did it because people were stacking and selling them, so here is my idea:

    Add Titan souling again, for the matter of fairplay, so everyone has the chance to do titans if he has time. Additionally people can enjoy their titans more, if they have few time to play.

    Add the following rules on PvE:

    1. Every tribe is only allowed to have 1 souled Titan of each Type at a time.

    2. It is recommended to soul your titans if you do not use them, to give all players the chance to reach endgame content

    3, It is not allowed to trade / sell and transfer Titans to any other map than extinction.

    Hope you take that serious and consider changing it back.

    King Regards,



    Thanks for all the feedback!
    Looking forward to finally present you the finished store & all the different offers we got for you.

    I will open a new thread for the announcement.


    Hello everyone!

    Today we will start selling a few of our dinos, to share with you, what we got.

    For now it will be on the PvE Cluster, including Island, Center, Ragnarok & Extinction.

    Please note, that these are fun projects, availabilty will depend on our activity.

    1. 'Textmarker' Dimorphodon Army

    All Dimophs will be sold grown and NEUTERED/SPAYED

    Price is 2k Metal Ingot / 20gc per Dimorphodon

    A breeding pair of any mutation will be 100gc / 30k metal ingots (limited offer)

    2. 'Bloody' Giganotosaurus

    Prices for a Giga Egg will be 100gc / 40k metal ingots.

    We will refresh this offer once in a while, maybe also including Extinction breeds if requested.

    For any questions or requests hit me up on discord, to keep this thread clean.


    Best Regards,


    This is not going to happen, because sometimes the server hang up in the past and then it would require a manual restart from the Server Owners. But we are not here all the time, so it could cause long downtimes. In addition, sometimes multiple updates for mods and ARK itself are rolled out within a very short period of time, causing the server to restart multiple times and this would result into a lot of Wild Dino Wipes without any warning.

    Last but not least, Wild Dino Wipes will increase the time of server restarts by around 5 minutes depending on server size etc. It can happen that you are able to login, but you would get kicked shortly after. So this could cause a lot of random deaths of players now knowing what is going to happen. In fact you are not able to see when the Wild Dino Wipe is finished or not. Not even we can see it. This increased startup times would cause downtimes that would also affect our scores in the toplists in a negative way.

    All right. Is it possible to have wipes more often? Drops and veins are screwed after 2-3days after wipe