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    we've tried multiple ways to at least farm it a bit e.g. like paracer platform with a dedi or else. None of the platform dinos fit in there...

    I am pretty sure you can't enable it for one cave specifically, only all or none.

    Pay to Win is a strange concept on PVE..

    Who wins?

    Patreons could get a "buff" to alleviate some of the bad design of the game (I hate breeding in this game, it's just a pointless timer ||)

    And if the way of doing it make it so there's less chance of crashing the server by having less Dino in storage, the better!

    adding these kind of things mid wipe just makes people, that've been breeding specific stats to maximum since wipe, mad. They wasted their time. It's the point to breed longterm. The reward is insane stats and a feeling you can't get anywhere in ark.

    this sounds even more P2W to me :-D

    Yup, worse than the soul limit. We have lines on all maps there are. Easy to maintain, just hoping to every server once a day to breed them. No real need to get anything from main base, just set up a small 5x5 and essentials and you're ready to go

    Only 2 muts with 300 rexes + 3 days of breeding event? I'm sorry to say this but you are doing something wrong. I used to get 1 melee mut with ~200 gigas each day and a half without the breeding event.

    Edit: Actually I didn't count on the raising of gigas so it is more likely 2 days total but with rexes and breeding event.. idk man

    Happens. This Event we bred them as soon like 10+ didn't have a cooldown anymore and got 2 muts on friday alone. Saturday gave 0 muts and sunday 1.

    Indeed it was frustrating with the spawns, but a smaller map isn't always good. If you look at it from another side, you will see alot more people whining and crying about stolen kills. Or someone trying to get a few zombies together and throw a grenade, but someone comes and kills them all (*cough* Like you did to me :(*cough* Don't take it serious). Since the mod isn't being developed, a map change is most likely the only way to get more zombies in a smaller radius.

    Typical Day of killing Zombies

    The Fake Airdrop

    The Light Wand was a mistake

    Getting drunk on Halloween night

    Thumper harassed by his tribe when sleeping

    Those were some of my most favourite moments of the Event :)

    I still don't see how that's an issue to others? Why is this decision not up to the player?

    You can read the announcement about the server wipe from a few months ago. The server team decided to make the game more challenging, not the way Wildcard intended it.

    What kind of abuse are you talking about. I was really looking forward to using shadowmanes outside of Gen2.

    I disagree with a ban on the basis that they're too strong, because, surely as it's a pve cluster, the decision to be able to cheese solo content should lie with the player, no?

    But as far as abuse goes, I'm not sure what they can do that can negatively impact another players experience.

    Let's see, doing osds with them will be easier than with gigas, as shadowmanes are stupidly broken when it comes to damage

    There's simply no way for the team to know server will crash.

    For example: The latest crashes were corrupted uploads, that can happen randomly and on every map.

    Same with corrupted chars or else, nothing can be done about it in advance afaik.

    >Daily maintance wouldn't do much.

    Sudden teleportation is not a server fault, you can thank WC. Maybe they're lags, but with these shear amount of players at the same time, not many servers can keep up with. (GD already has top of the line servers afaik)

    Rollbacks are needed for problems like stated above or mistakes made by mod devs.

    At last, daily maintances aren't always possible, the owners which would do the maintance are mostly busy due to work or else in reallife which means they're mostly online later in the day for them. That time is the time with loads of people online and would end in losing players.

    If there really are no bees on the map, wc will probably add them soon - just look at wc discord, people are crying for honey every 5 minutes.

    But if not, then changing the recipe of beehive would be better than adding it to the vault.

    There's no bee hives, you're supposed to buy it from the hexagon shop afaik. But that is disabled

    Extinction has never been the busiest map on this cluster, ragnarok has been the busiest. Loads of people aren't that far into the game to even do veins or osds

    Me playing abb for 2 weeks at the start, not progressing at all but having fun escaping basilisk on a iguanodon :D Worst moment was when I tamed my first ever 140 basilisk which I lost a week after due to falling through the map whilst fighting a alpha karkinos lol

    Since then nothing really insane happened, besides wasting all of my mats on beautiful bases and then CKFR got added and made me sad wasting my time on building :D