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    if you have nothing in the base u cant loot things lol ?

    do u know what pvp is? sounds like u want a pve raid for loot but im palking about pvp so if there is no loot in the player base u cant loot stuff lol

    But that is the whole problem with this concept.

    Since people will have everything of any real value on the pve servers, there will only be things that are easy to get like bullets, fertilizer etc.

    Or are you talking about having a map where everyone just runs around shooting eachother for no reason other than killing eachother?

    I like the idea, to an extent.

    Even if there was a base, and you decide to attack it and actually succeed. Will there be anything in it for you?

    The one(s) who made the base would likely not have anything worth looting.

    Maybe if there was some kind of agreement that there has to be vault(s) with resources or something of value.

    Something that amounts to roughly 50% of the base, or whatever is decided on.

    Though, that would require the base owner to mark it ready for attack in some way, to make sure the resources are there before being attacked. Otherwise someone would complain that there was no loot.

    It has potential, but there will be many different views on how it should be done, to make it succesful.

    Breeding event questions:

    1) The 2.5x boost to stats. Does that mean that the dinos would have 2.5x higher stats (effectively being 2.5x levels higher), or is it a 2.5x boost to tame/breed speed?

    2) Maybe the SS Mutator has a setting that could let us skew the stats to whatever we want. Because I don't always want HP or ME, and don't want to be forced to breed for that during an event.

    Dino scan event question:

    3) I have a feeling this would quickly make the dinos from events very powerful compared to regular dinos.

    Does anyone else have a problem putting their raft/boat in water?

    I can craft it, but not use it.

    I've tried a complete reinstall just to make sure it wasn't a glitch on my end.

    I just went to the S+ steam workshop where it said that no suggestions are going to get implemented, but that we (the players) should make it ourselves from the source code.

    I have no experience with coding, so I only have a vague idea of what it entails even if there was a suggestion for a good addition.

    So I was wondering if such suggestions are welcome, or if it's just to much additional work?

    I think I saw some on AH the other day for 20/25 Bid/buyout.

    Most peeople aren't going to pay much for them, since they don't really do anything other than looking good.

    I was wondering if it would be possible to add the option of buying the dino scan option for a weekend, but only for your own tribe?

    The price could depend on the number of people in the tribe.

    I liked the event, but so did alot of other people, with them often being at the dinos before me.

    If it was individual, the competition wouldn't be nearly as bad.

    Just a thought.

    On the PvE rules set it says,

    "The base limit is 2. One main base and one outpost. An outpost can be one raft, one tree (solely platforms) or a 7x7x4 base."

    Is that per server?