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    I understand that for a giga it requires a serious investment, but they are after all the power house of the game, so it should be hard imo.

    that was just a example, any dino to do bosses would be impossible to imprint for someone who has a "live", while its still possible to get sick loot.

    there are 2 huge things difference between hunting drops and imprinting, you can hunt drops whenever you want while on imprinting you must get on Ark each 1.5 hours for full day(imprinting giga).

    I do agree that the nanny makes it to easy to imprint dino's but with the Soul trapper you still need to spend that full 8 hours to imprint. instant of hatch the Egg end go to sleep while Nanny does his job

    I joined the Unofficial server so I don't grind, atm you need a 7 hours to imprint a Rex. you need a full day off to a full imprint a rex

    100% imprinting isn't a bonus anymore. 30% reduce damage and damage + stats is alot more then a bonus if you ask me.

    The new Dino Storage V2 have the possibilities to store baby and keep there care timer freeze. At the moment with the Cryo pod its reset there timer to vanilla rate's while the Soul Trap does the correct thing what the Crypod should do.

    but, its disabled on this server. its almost impossible to imprint dino's with this huge imprint timers. Rex takes about 8 hours to imprint some of those dino's take even longer. which is kinda impossible for a solo players to imprint.

    Are you guys going to enable this or is it going to stay like it is?

    x3 decision is actually best decision to make if you ask me. You get all the stuff way to fast. I do not agree with removing the S+ Transmitter end removing Kibble Maker. People are gonna block the Obe to do bosses.

    Without Kibble maker everybody is gonna tame every dino for there kibbles, isn't that gonna stress the server even more?

    Or.. you know.. materials ARE super easy to get? :o Losing all blueprints and gear and such would suck, but raw materials? What can you get in an hour of grinding? Wood - millions (in 5 minutes even), fiber - millions, thatch - millions, stone - drill anyway, crystal - same, metal - roughly 200-300k...

    If I am right Blob is a PVP player, so I do understand him. Raiding on Stackmod update week should not be allowed. Turrets would be Empty I geuss

    Like we all know we are having trouble with with server taming limit of Dino's on Ragnarok. To prevent the taming limit, is there a possibility that Admin makes a place like on Abberation where people can donate there stuff. On Abberation we got some Fridge where people donate there low lvl Rock Drakes.

    If Server Owner makes a place where people can donate there Dino Eggs (unfertilized) to prevent new people taming dodo's for kibble cooker. Or even put 30 achatina's so people get there Paste from there?

    You mean holding the E button, I tried that not working. I though maybe there is option to change it like "holding or pressing". Also tried the both options.

    Same with the S+ Collector collection option.

    Every update I get another problem...


    After update to version 263 I can't use any of those Behavior Wheel options anymore. I can only Ride and acces inentory of my dino's by using the keyboard. Any options other options is not possible. I can whistle them to passive or neutral. I did remove all mods and deleted everything on my Ark/mods/ map.

    Somewone else had the same problem and knows the way to fix it?