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    Noticed we can build in mission areas on Genesis. I think you should enable the building restrictions, they are there for a reason.

    It's not a problem atm since there is hardly any people on the map, but the possibilities for griefing are abundant:p

    Vault dropping all missions, blocking mission paths, turrets at missions, blocking off magmasaur cave etc. Sounds like good fun.


    There definitely was some very OP saddles in the shop indeed.

    I don't see the problem with the dinos tho, it's RNG for some very expensive dinos, however they could take away the possibility to choose gender if possible, that way it's all about luck and you can't easily get a breeding pair.

    Lowering tribe limit will make the tribes that are more then 2-3 people quit the server. I know I will certainly not be able to convince my tribe to come back if they can't even play together.

    Yes tribes could split up and still talk in discord etc. But then what is the point? They will still act as 1 tribe but they just can't raid together.

    There are no rules atm stopping anyone from doing bosses together, any small tribe can reach tek if they want it.

    I don't think most of the population was in the 1-3 players in tribe range tbh.

    I did not play much this wipe but I can count 7-8 tribes that I think at some point was in the 4-6 players range. That is a good chunk of the pop.

    I see several people in both forum and discord wants full orp back, personally I like the orp from this wipe but maybe it would be beneficial to go back to full orp. Tho ONLY if the timer for combat logging get increased a lot. 6 hours like mentioned here sounds good.

    Madori's Ballerina: remove this rule:

    - Every tribe is allowed to have one main base, one outpost (7x7x4) and up to 3 areas with max 20 structures and no turrets on each map.

    Maybe look into the titan situation. Not being able to upload dinos on Extinction is a poor solution, if there is no better way of doing it, then maybe just allow them on all maps or make them untamable.

    Ah shit, here we go again.

    Bring back Genesis, Island and Valguero. I think having all maps is more appealing to new players, then the slight increase of players on others maps leaving them out will give.

    Element: something needs to be transferable, cba to have that discussion again.

    Shard farming on Genesis has been nerfed 40% in last patch, no need for further nerfing.

    Shard farming on CI is pretty bad, no need for nerfing here.

    How about trying a 10 man season? It's great fun and might attract a new crowd then the 6 man do.

    X4 orp and webhook works great imo, big 👍

    The fact that shards has been enabled for transfer this whole time makes this fucked, enable dust so everyone can use it, not just the few who knew about shards being enabled for transfer..

    ^ That is not totally true as many tought dust would be transferable.

    Dust is supposed to be transferable, this is also the reason you can use terminals on Extinction to grind element into dust, but it is balanced by the fact you lose 80% of the element doing so.

    By opening all element transfer you usually end up with to much element on all maps, the fact veins are nerfed here helps tho.

    In my eyes B is here the lesser evil, it creates more opportunities for fun.

    Even if people don't get it, I'm sticking with the statement that only having dust transferable is the balanced way, that is how I have experienced it on many other servers.

    Lol np RobGe

    Leusele: Nope because people that suggested it takes it for granted admins would understand it does not apply to dust. That is how it is on all pvp servers I have ever been on, either everything is open to transfer, or it has official settings.

    Personally I would rather have it all enabled then none of it.

    If they wanna try something new then atleast make it clear in rules/settings.

    Thank you for teaching me that element is useless and that I actually have to kill a boss to get engrams.

    Yes I will stop crying and just play pve, pvping in tek suit is boring anyway.

    I will demo my tek turrets since they are empty anyway and build more forges with the mats. 😊