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    Extinction hype will calm down in a few weeks, just like it was with aberration. I still don't get why people play there, when it's bugged as hell..

    It won't calm down.

    i would actually prefer the cryo pods vs the dino mod which is a good mod it actually allowed us to have unlimited dinos and solved the tame cap issue but is too op in some regards

    from what ive seen so far the cryo pods are a lot more balanced and do the same thing , so if crafting resources will be availabele to mid , late , end game players i would think a switch should be considered

    Yes lets to get capped first 2 weeks


    I'd like to purchase the 3 x imprint rewards for my dinos, i will be including an image of location and dinos!

    tribename: Delusional

    player: peperino

    location: Center-Map Cords: 50.8 78.5


    talking about loot I will give you a small example of what went through during my early game, mid game and end game content with more than 800+ hours and most of them are looting beacons and caves i ended up with 3 flak blueprints two of them are Journey and one is apprentice.. i expected finding a way more than that and you know loot doesn't end after finding a blueprint because you can always find better one, its endless but its not this case here for me i haven't found any upgrades on my 3 armor blueprints and i never got any ascendant blueprint yet and stay for long hours on abberation surface getting my vaults filled with chittin and ghillie items which you are never going to use

    I joined as a solo player on this cluster just few weeks after the relaunch, And honestly I expected quitting after like 2 weeks and here i am still here with over 1K hours on this cluster with nearly 800 hours on Ragnorak itself and 1000+ hours all around the cluster!

    What kept me on the server mostly the community, getting to know more nice and helpful people aswell which created a whole fun environment for me and them aswell

    I played as solo but most of my activities were with people helped me before or i helped in the past of course solos that i have never known before or met which is really cool!

    aswell I really liked responsive admins/owners whenever i had a problem which didn't happen that often but still they were always there for us.

    anyhow me and the rest of the alliance/friends i made on the server most of the time shared some similar opinions and thoughts as we spent more time playing together on the cluster always thought aswell of what could make it better and gave some suggestions and discussed it with different people from the community and the team.

    Starting was like

    as a survivor and a person that likes "open-world" "survival" games I had an issue starting and to be honest after around 1000 hours I still could not get these specific blueprints that i looked for, after chasing hundreds of beacons whether its in caves, water or land. I just spent time getting the same useless items over and over again including

    "Araneo Saddle" of all different rarities and many more useless items and tons of kibbles.


    With what i gathered/found/tamed I knew it was time to step-up my game and catch up to these people who started few weeks before me specially with 2-4 people in their tribes to beat the boss fights faster than anyone, found similar people who had a story same like mine we teamed up in alliances planned with using what we had and slowly we did beat every boss starting with betas, getting ourselves back together again and going for the harder version of the fight, and worked just perfect for us.


    If you made it here and you spent alot of hours playing this game then you know what it is, you reached a point where you have everything as in resources and tames,

    but lacking the Blueprints you always dreamt about and looked for unfortunately just because you got unlucky with these rates, so all you got to do is build more, breed more because you know you wont get what you desired after hundreds of hours. so all you do as i said more breeding of these powerful stats that you are probably not going to get to use them anymore and this will be mentioned in the bottom :-)

    1. as a starter I like the whole concept behind making good loot more rare and valuable But imo Its a way too hard to find with these rates

    2. It was easy to make friends and alliance on the server with this nice community and the mid game was smooth and a fun experience

    3. end-game imo should be modified and edited by owners to have more content/loot/Events aswell if possible including random bps that you can obtain from bosses doesnt matter if its going to be rare or not but it will push me to do these over and over again

    4. as a loyal player to the community and cluster I really would like to know all about Buffs/Nerfs to dinos/bosses/fishing/loot or whatever it is because i hate to discover it on my own later on.

    many thanks to the Ghost Division team, and to the whole community!