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    Voting reward

    Name: Tim

    Tribe: BN

    Server: Ragnarok

    Cords: 19,2 Lat 17,8 Lng

    Ich hätte gerne einen Max. Lvl Argentavis + Perfect Tame

    At first i want to say that the admins interact with players way more than on other servers and second you need to look at the disadvantages too because if you make a max tribe member maybe the big alpha tribes just get into more little tribes and nothing would change

    I dont think its the right desicion to do a reset because the one who complained about it will get bored pretty fast again and then they quit anyways

    and from my side iam on the servers for only about 2 weeks and think it is completely useless

    but i cant say anything against it so the only thing is to leave or accept it and i wont risk putting time in the servers and the lose it again so for me its going to be option 1