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    Ich wollte einfach mal hören wie ihr zu dem Thema steht, die Server haben ja ein Problem mit Lagg un Dc und das liegt wohl viel am Glassmetal Mod

    Wenn man diesen Entferned müsste man allerdings ein Server Wipe machen, da der Server ohne den Mod nicht neu startet

    Just wanted to know what you guys think, the servers have lagg and dc problems and it seems to be related to the Glassmetal Mod

    Problem is, you can't uninstall the Mod without a Wipe because the server won't start without the mod

    Yeah its really easy to get those coins, 9 per day if you vote for all servers. 30x9 = 270-279 Coins/monthly. 2 minutes work every day, easy

    EDIT: PrincessLia? i only have 40 coins now, what i said, with the next payout im in with 100 coins, now i only have 40.. :/

    Totally forgot to send the answer I wrote after seeing you message xD

    I did read it, but right now this is this all theoretical,(it's not gonna be done this moth anyway ^^) so I figured I'd write in the 100, but I'll change it to 40 :)

    Okay, so heres the deal, I rly wanna go for another lvl 200 max dino event, but Spending 1000 Ghost coins on my own is... Im just NOT gonna do that

    And then I thought: Hey, I bet a lot of ppl would enjoy having a max wild lvl 200 event again (or probably for the first time xD)

    Now heres my Idea, I opened this thread so I can find ppl who wanna contribute Ghost coins

    If you dont have any, just go and vote for the server, its easy and takes 30 sec if you open them all up and click though the taps; one after another (at least that's the time I "spend" on voting each day xD)

    If we find at least 10 ppl it will only cost 100 Ghostcoins each, if we find 15 it'll only be 66 each, and just think about it, even if you dont find eg. the wild lvl 200 lvl argy you always wanted, some other guy found it and then you can trade offsprings with one another (I had lvl 180 argys and the offsprings got to at least 3 other ppl I know of)

    So, If you where willing to spend ghost coins to this "cause" pls answer in this thread with how much you are willing to give (eg I would give up 200 points, but not more, I got a frined who would give 100 but not more, if you would only give up 50 or 25 or just 10 points, that also totally your decision)

    this is so I can see if we could collect all the Coins that would be needed

    IMPORTANT: I DON'T want to have Ghost Coins beeing sent to me. For now I just wanna see how much you are willing to give so I can see if it's possible to get all the Coins needed

    Thx anyway for taking the time to read my probably totally misspelled text

    *bows and hands over cookies*

    Yours truly,


    Possible Participants

    PrincessLia - 150 GC

    BadNorm - 100 GC

    SnkArt - 100 GC

    flashbytes - 100 GC

    irgendjemand1992 - 40 GC

    Asgad - 100 GC

    Total: 590/1000

    Ich habe eine Frage, Welche stats hat so ein von ghost coins gekaufter Drache so? Wenn jemand einen hat kann der mir die stats mal zuschicken? Also am besten von einem der schon max lvl ist wenn es geht, damit ich vergleichswerte habe wie stark oder schwach der im vergleich zu einem gleichleveligen mit imprint ist ^^

    mfg PrincessLia :)

    I got a question relating the Wyverns you can buy with the ghost coins. What stats do they have? Does anybody have a buyed dragon and can send me his stats? If possible from a Wyvern that was already maxed out, so that I can compare em to a max lvl imprinted wyvern and can see how strong or weak they are in comparison ^^

    Sincere regards, PrincessLia :)

    I think you should set up rules anyway, then we could at least tell players that they have to remove there stuff or they get banned (I know you can't do anything against the building stuff once its placed, but letting em stay is not the way either and most people comply when you "threaten" them with a ban). At least that's my opinion ^^

    I like the Idea of decresing the rates, it IS pretty easy to get everything and like you said it would make the game boring if kept that way, but for now its great to just try out all the things you can do/craft (including "endgame" things :D)

    How high would the rates be then? Alrady have an idea?

    Question relating the post from Jeemy14: Is it diabled to make clans atm. or at least to invite others? I never invited someone but I was able to make a Clan/Tribe whatever you wanna name it ;)

    Edit: Forget the question, once I sent it the answer was already there xD

    We just need Rules and then we can tell guys like this: remove or be kicked from Server (like in ARK)

    Those are already in the making, so just try to hold on for now :)