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    You can purchase imprints on them as a reward for gc however that is quite expensive so if you can spare another day to raise a new load then that will probably be best unless you are happy with 60%.

    I'm also afraid that if you lost any items as well then there are no refunds for that kind of thing.

    Hi Tayler,

    To my knowledge you shouldn't be finding rotten meat in a loot drop the only reason i can think for it to be there is if someone came, took the loot and left that in there sot they could use the beacon to transfer to another map.

    As for the Rex saddles, I do not own one myself however there are people that have found them after lots of drop farming (its not meant to be easy for everyone to get) and they are willing to sell you crafts from it.

    Not sure if you have seen but there was a post a little while ago about the loot tables, because they are custom the owners have said that they will not tell us what they are however it is personally acceptable to come together and find it out between us. Because of this I had made some google docs for people to document their finds on. While there are some improvements that can be made to them it is a good starting point (not that it really took off)

    I will leave the links to the google doc pages if you want to see what has already been documented and feel free to add to them as it will help work out more about the loot drops.




    Aberration: (the ring option doesn't make sense on this one but i have just left it there anyway :P)

    Extinction:…t9Ox0Fgc/edit?usp=sharing (again because of the different loot system the names will be wrong, i don't play on extinction much but feel free to rename the tables to fit the map)


    I will also be trading my Arc Bars for GC, It doesn't matter how many GC you want to trade I can do it if i have it. Just message me here, on discord, or in game and We can sort something out. On PVE only as well of course

    Hi ninja,

    I think at this point it has been made pretty clear that the nanny or freezing babies to get the imprint is not going to be a thing. This the first time I have gotten into the topic however to me it has been made quite clear that the reasons for not adding them are that it makes the game too easy. This doesn't have anything to do with how it affects other players if you get the imprint but more that with PVE the challenge is completing your way through the progression of the game. If imprints were given for free then that would make the progression of the game a lot easier. This means that you will need to put in some work for it. If the problem is that you are never able to find even one day to do imprinting then there are already options available for you. To my knowledge you can still buy 100% imprint for 100gc. If you are wanting to buy lots of imprints for boss rexes for example then it may be that someone is willing to raise them for a payment. While this option doesn't mean you get the imprint it won't matter if your not riding them.

    As for the Gacha Clause, I don't want people being able to get op gear and blueprints easy. As it will ruin the market. If you can get all you need easily with no grinding then what is the point for buying it. This then means that the price of them will have to drop as the demand it lower. The blueprint chance is 10%. If there is a particular bp you need have a look on the market as someone might be selling it. If its not there then you will need to grind for it. Again we run into the same problem with the imprinting. You will need to invest time into this to get the better gear. if it is too easy then you will be at the end of the game too easily and then will have nothing to do. I think that the way the loot is at the moment is good.

    To me it looks like you are working toward getting what you see the top few people having. Mainly this being good blueprints. I feel that once you have had a decent time in the game and have been able to complete a lot of the game and then you will start to work toward other targets like running shops. Those people that can run shops are able to as they have put in a lot of work to get there. While that may take you longer as you don't have the time like they do I think that doesn't mean it should mean that you can get those things easier. You need to work on something in the game that you can do and then via trade cover that which you can't. If you were to be breeding and selling dinos that people want then you will then be able to afford to pay for imprints or blueprints you need. If I misunderstood I apologise, I am just getting tired of the discussion about getting nannies when its been made quite clear as to why they are not coming.

    Hey harpie i can trade you if you want, im trying to do the alternate trade.

    My discord is : Whamwhoo#3020

    Message me if your interested, i should be able to do it pretty much any when today


    Prices, Now cheaper material wise and I am accepting Crystal as well. The Crystal to Metal Ratio will be 1:2 so feel free to trade me part some part crystal, part metal.

    For example, Argy for 4,000 Metal and 2,000 Crystal



    If I am not mistaken it is currently impossible to get the the manticore chest-piece, leggings, boots, gauntlets, and sword on the cluster as they are only obtainable on Scorched Earth. Because of this I was wondering whether we would be able to purchase the skins for GC as a voting reward as I like the style and have no way of getting it.

    The main reason I am looking at it is for the S+ plant x seeds if I understand correctly you can set them up to target only certain dinos

    Where I am based i want to keep really only ichy out i don't want the the plants to be shooting at anything else as it might ruin someones tame :/

    If I remember correctly the S+ converter was disabled because of a dupe bug.

    Is this still a thing, if not is there any chance that we can see it make a return or is there another reason for it being disabled.

    Thank you :)