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    Hey i have suggestion to add a command "/tp" or something like that, that would give a player the N+ Omni Tool.

    This would be helpful for players who get stuck inside someone base without N+ Omni Tool and can't get out, I remember that there was command like that on events map so could be added to normal maps too.

    Cost of N+ Omni Tool is only 1 thatch so i don't really see a problem in this.

    This is something that is necessary? No, but would be nice to have for a person who get stuck inside someone base in the future without N+ Omni Tool inside inventory.

    yeah ... for sure it's okay for everyone who has bugged genesis part 1 notes and will never get those 10 lvls, but still if someone truly want have it, he just need to do all bosses one more and getting all 1000 notes i will be not a problem...

    For now doing the OSD is completely useless and time consuming it's only good for geting a good mek bp, compared to genesis part 2 mission and 35k crates is waste of time and resources, even if OSD is can be "afk" farming.

    For Alpha bosses takes time to gather up everything even making 10 runs takes few hours to collect all needed items to do it, and comper to genesis part 2 missions is wast of time.

    This is what we did get form 5 runs form "Shadowmane Prowl" and 5 runs "Velonasaur Stalk" and 10 35k crates everything took 35 minutes to do.

    I know that ARK is a pain when comes to balance of the loot and i hope that you gonna figure it out how it make it good and balanced, in my opinion OSD and Alpha bosses (bosses drop most of the time crafted tek structures and not bp's and i can't call it "late game loot") are to weak compared to genesis part 2 and make is useless to do.

    We did few more runs on alpha Broodmother and alpha Megapithecus we get this:

    In my opinion tek armor that can reach max armor and durability is impossible to get for now.

    After change of loot tables i did multiple times alpha Genesis part 1 boss, 3 runs of tek cave, 1 alpha Broodmother and 1 alpha Dragon on The Island, 1 alpha Ragnarok boss and gamma Titan King, items wasnt bad but still i didn't get any tek armor bp.

    I will do multiple alpha Broodmother and alpha Megapithecus runs at the Island and i will check what i get form it.


    This is that we did get from 5 boss runs:

    Only good thing is Taperiara tek saddle.
    Tek armor is still low quality and on four part we get 0 tek armor blueprints.

    I will do more testing but still i think that it's still impossible to get tek armor blueprint that can reach max armor and durability

    Hey, i need to ask if tere is a opcion to buff tek armor blueprints drop rate adn quality form Extinction legendary OSD? Because now from my knowledge it's impossible to get tek armor blueprint that can reach max armor and durability, (meybe you could get it form T3 crates but it's ultra rare and only gauntlets)
    So my suggestion is to:

    • Change drop rate of tek armor blueprints form legendary OSD, now it';s pretty low chance to get it, and most of the time don't drops at all, but there is a plenty of crafted tek armor of low / medium quality form it.
    • Increase the quality of the tek armor blueprints because now from my knowledge it is currently not possible to get blueprint that can reach max armor and durability form legendary OSD at Extinction.

    Or could be that i was very unlucky to not get any of possible to cap tek armor blueprint form all OSD that i did, but then no one answered my question if anyone managed to get tek armor blueprint that can reach max armor and durability form legendary OSD.

    Today I would like to invite everyone to an event coming at 25.09.2021 on the Crystal Isles map "the Unicorn Derp Racing"

    There are going to be 3 races across the racing track.

    After every race you will recive points.

    First Place: 10

    Second Place: 9

    Third Place: 8

    Fourth Place: 7

    Fifth Place : 6

    Sixth Place : 5

    Final awards:

    1st Place: Any chibi of your choice including elusive Unicorns and Void Wyrms+10ARCBars

    2nd Place: Any chibi except for the Unicorn+6ARCBars

    3rd Place: Any non Legendary Chibi+4ARCBars

    Important Info:

    Minimum amount of players needed for the event: 3

    Maximum amount of players participating in the event: 25

    Every Unicorn has to have 100% speed (unicorns will be provided for the duration of the event by Insane Unicorn Guy posejdoon™ if you don't have your own unicorn)

    Every player needs to chose the color and paint their armor and saddle, the colors need to be unique, first person claiming color will be allowed to use it.

    Cheating of any kind will be met with heavy plasma fire and forfeiting your place in the race.

    More detailed information

    Cords: LAT 52 LON 18

    Teleport name: "Unicorn Stable"

    From my opinion allowing premade templates wasn't right, but we could allow it after heavy editing.

    Now it's depends how we make the event, if on forum we could do it's by likes under post with pimped dinos (easy to do).

    We also can do more climatic way by gathering up somewhere and show off dinos. (more hard to do)

    If we do more clematic way, we would need to create a scoring system that takes into account several categories like, style, ingenuity,, e.t.c and if this is a premade tampltes or not.

    Points could be in scale of 0-5.

    This is only suggestion for a event, could be fun and not too hard to do.

    It's can done like base contest where players post screenshots of dinos, or totally different where everyone come in one place to show up dinos.

    This is up for discussion which way gonna be better, or someone maybe gonna fine a better way to do it.