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    Hey, how about this? You will stop lying, admit you actually been going to raid us and use the fact we were allies but kept screwing with our allies, attacking our outposts.

    Now only that, Dolphin left to join CF, you recruited them into your tribe. No rule against having inside info. Stop the crying.

    Now another thing, you can change the ranks now and show them as he could do what he wanted. The problem with you, I know you, and I know you been planning to raid us while we were allies.

    In the end, no rule was broken as that cave is 6x damage, your dinos can be killed as they had stuff on them and not only that, it is pvp, and finally, you need to watch who you recruit and not just everyone. Especially not people like meme.

    Ofcourse meme will be mad at me. Why not. She tried to report me before to Connor when he joined their tribe and he talked to them, claiming we over destroyed and did too much damage. Again, I was not part of the raid. Secondly meme, you forgetting how I got you unbanned after you did not give a crap and refused to talk to the admin only after I have forced you.

    Btw, what Funky has to do with anything? Rofl?

    1. All our warnings have been removed.

    2. We have not been allies since you raided our outpost last night and blew up 2 of them. Not mention you put transmitters above our base unlocked so we can blow them up.

    3. I was not in the raid, I only got on today for like 30 min top as I work from morning to night, but ofcourse you will blame me even if I am not there.

    4. Your tribe been raiding noobs, new people none stop, you are the one who acted as a bully.

    5. I did not raid CF cause they left my tribe, I raided them cause when Dolphin joined them, he told me they were going to raid us, and it was luck that we raided them and killed their dinos as we stopped them from doing it.

    6. Your tribe been gathering people to raid us, as dolphin been on your discord listening to you and even had screenshots of you talking crap about us and how you going to raid us.

    7. You having an old screenshot of me trolling on my own personal discord while you were there. But in the end, you betrayed me couple of times and I even have proved it. Not only that, you tried to raid me after abberation and KebabLord can approve it as you offered him to join.

    8. No rule about insiding. You invited dolphin to join you, no one forced you. Your own problem. As I trusted my old members who kept stealing stuff from me- which was one of the reason to kick some of them, you learned it also. As I am saying again, no one has forced you to recruit him.

    9. It is pvp, if there is no rule on that why you even trying to report? To show how poor and miserable you are and how bad and bullies we are? Your lack of understand that this game is pvp is really hilarious. We stopped being allies when you started your plans to raid us and when you hit our outposts last few days. So how can you claim we been allies and say we insided you as an ally, when in your opinion we kicked dolphin and you recruited him, you hit our outposts, you been planning to merge with CF to raid us? Stop being a hypocrite and understand this is pvp.

    Dude, the new turrets shoot each half sec 4 bullets, in a sec 8, in 2 sec 16, means they are really strong. 100 turret of the new ones are 400. plus they shoot further away and more damage. Trust me, no less will be shooting,

    Simple. If on PvP we can follow dino limit and kill what we don't need, same as you. You don't need to have 500 dodos or crap like that. And plus, if you leave the server or something, it will just lag the server even more having so many of them. So best is to have what it is now.

    As I said on the 2nd of November before Bossmob removed my message. Tribe of BePower quit the server after The Enterprise raided them 3 times in a week. So you can check the logs and do what you want or just close it as they are not planning to come back. Atleast not for now.

    That is why the forges and everything in the boxes is up for people to take back with them. If you smelt something in the forge take it with you and don't leave it there.


    Since this is a PVP server, will be easier to kill looters like that. Also, people can defend themself also or kill other looters that drop stuff on the ground.

    Hello all,

    I am the leader of the Legion tribe.

    We got an idea of how to help new commoners to start on the server and how to get new people.

    What is the most annoying thing? Getting new tools, so basically I got a plan.

    My tribe wants to make a kind of PVE village near the green obelisk, no turrets, all workshops and everything will be unlocked for people to use.

    Everyone can get there and put stuff in the boxes for everyone to take, also unclaim dinos and put them in the cage for people to claim and use the dinos they don't want.

    This way we can help new people.

    The plan is, that we need a big area to build our village on. It will consist of forges, chemistry benchs, smithys and etc for people to use.

    Also will have from my tribe random dinos for people to take, eggs and etc.

    I know t his is the support forum, and the reason why I post it here is because this is a request from the admins for my idea, cause I don't want to start building it just to let it get removed later.

    I know it will be part of my tribe, but I do ask people not to destroy anything as it is going to be pure usage with no defenses for it for everyone to use.

    We were even thinking to put an unlocked transmitter for people to use just to upload their stuff and download nearby of their base.