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    Hi Mendret,

    I´ve tested it a few minutes ago and everything worked fine for me.

    Did you follow the guide step by step ?

    You must be ingame for example on Crystal map - go to Ghost Data page choose your profile - then the map on which you are still online atm - click on Ghost Coins in the left bar. You see now your current GC Amount which you want to exchange. Take care for the warning below and check if you are really online at this map.
    "WARNING! Be sure you are online on PvE_CrystalIsles or your ghost coins may vanish!"

    Type in the amount and send it to the map. In the reward vault go to the middle tab and on the left choose exchange to Arc Bars - now you can exchange the GC to the Arc Bars.

    I hope you will be succesful. :)



    And then it will not be used because it costs ArcBars.
    I think this potion should be a QoL improvement for our servers not a thing you could buy.

    I absolutely agree with Tom. Ark lives on crafting, building and taming dinosaurs. If we talk about such crafting skill potion we did not

    talk about any advantage which you will receive after you use it. It's all about making it easier for players not to re-skill their chars,

    learn the engrams and visit each map with their character again and again after they use a mindwipe to learn some ext. engrams.

    In my opinion the sale of such skill crafting potion should not be available in the Reward Vault but should be available

    for each player without spending hundred of Arc Bars only to get the advantage not skill the char again.

    I think it is possible to change and customize the ingredients that it won't be to cheap.

    If we will use this mod we have to implement it in the way that it is available for all players.

    Please keep in mind that there are quite a lot of players which didn't have such much Ghost Coins

    as other players here and that this would not be fair for these poorer ones.

    By the way the Reward Vault is a great idea but I bet unfortunately only a handful of players use this service here.

    I suspect the reason for this is when you compare the prices for the stuff in there with the prices of some BPs or

    DInos which you can buy in the AH that this is the reason for them not to use it.

    best regards

    Balaghan :)

    Looks pretty interesting.

    Just because of that it would be no longer necessary to learn all engrams again after a mindwipe.

    I don't know if it is meanwhile fixed but to learn the Extinction engrams I must jump every time to this map

    after a mindwipe which is a bit annoying because I have no base there.

    Dear admins and community!

    I wish you all a merry christmas, even in this difficult time. I hope that each of you will still find a few contemplative days with your family.

    Many thanks to the great work the admins did all over the past year. Many thanks to the nice players I met and the pleasant atmosphere in the community.

    But the most important thing ever is a healthy new year 2021 for all of you.



    I think "who is the bogeyman he is speaking about ?" :/

    Anyway who cares, even if this would be the case?

    Maybe it's only the fact that you lost your fun over the last years ?

    That sounds too much like prejudgment to me.

    And hey Dad, be seriously - we have much bigger problems outside this game in the world.


    I have been playing on GD since the early beginning and have experienced many changes to this day.
    Most of them were comprehensible and necessary, both for the gaming experience and for the community,
    but I don't really understand this discussion because I respect both - the one and the other opinion of the people which discuss here.

    I think at the end it's up to everyone himself to decide how they like to play.

    Some prefers the hard way and fight without any overpowered dinos or like to collects their resources slowly, others puts more value on breeding, others prefer to build.
    Of course there are some bases out there which are so big that I still ask me if this is really necessary but at the end its a choice of the player himself.
    If I like this or not that can't be my problem because if this cause lags the owner had to decide and limit the max area which can be built-up.

    Anyway I only can speak for myself and say that I find it really hard and sometimes depressing to use the charge nodes, because if I want to use one, I see someone just flying away with his skiff. I don't even try to go to the next element node, because it's relatively pointless to be faster with my wyvern than this thing. :/^^

    Maybe we can think about to ban skiffs ? No I think that this is also a bad idea for the players which already build / have them.
    But right now it seems there is a little disbalance to new players, because new players or these which are not yet so advanced must have the same chance to use the charging nodes. If they fly with a wyvern they need a lot of time to go from charge node to charge node on this huge map but with a skiff it is not really a problem to farm these nodes within a couple of minutes on the whole map.

    My suggestion is that it would be a possibility to open the transfer for Gachas - strictly limited to 2x per tribe.
    If someone has a problem with Gachas they don't even have to use them and can prefer their own style of playing.
    The server did not start to lag because of using Gachas. There are still such huge bases out there - so many sensless huts - foundations and a lot of other abandoned structures and dinos which cause much more lags.
    "Sometimes I have more the impression and feeling of that it is more about resentment against other players than about the real gaming experience of and between some people."

    Anyway and no matter how the owners / admins will decide - it is of much more importance to communicate friendly and trade between each others ingame.

    Cheers 8)

    CI structures

    Tribe of Szakku - 36.02 // 28.22 THIS IS A TRIBES BASE

    Valorant - 58.32 // 26.24 COULDN'T FIND ANYTHING

    Tribe of Apteos - 59.60 // 28.25 COULDN'T FIND ANYTHING

    CI lost creatures

    Tysiak Tribe - Argentavis - 33.07 // 40.74 DONE


    Homeless Dinos

    Tribe: Oracle

    several Dinos at

    49.16 // 61.23 Managarmr + Rex + Gachas confiscated

    51.48 // 56.55 Managarmr confiscated

    45.97 // 56.34 Managarmr confiscated

    47.23 // 60.55 Managarmr confiscated

    49.34 // 58.47 Doedicurus not found

    47.48 // 59.88 Snow Owl not found

    Tribe: Tribe of Chaos

    61.10 // 45.33 Tek Stegosaurus confiscated

    Tribe: I don't have friends

    69.06 // 77.13 Brontosaurus confiscated

    69.83 // 77.35 Allosaurus + Rex confiscated

    Tribe: The Clan Before Time

    69.83 // 80.25 Mammoth not found

    Tribe: Tribe of Whamwhoo

    70.34 // 82.97 Wyvern confiscated

    Tribe: POgGeRs

    69.38 // 79.90 Deinonychus not found

    Taming Pens

    Tribe: Hunter Association
    60.35 // 74.24 Behemoth not found

    Tribe: Moi!!!
    40.82 // 63.83 taming pen Yuty Removed

    HI Chris,

    taming pen + oil pump on Valguero

    coords: 12.24 // 69.02 Behemoth Gates + several structures
    Tribe of Gahleb REMOVED

    Oil Pump: closed
    Tribe: Sky Hunters

    coords: 11.99 // 69.17 (not found)