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    It looks like an interesting mod, I'd be concerned about the sheer size of it though tbh. That's one of the things that makes pve servers difficult to run and keep balanced and not laggy (personal experience). It could offset the balance of the creatures they're spawning in with as well. Does look pretty though!

    I had a vague recollection of GD's existence whilst I was running my own cluster. When I went looking to play again I just googled to find a server that people found to be pleasant and with respectful staff, and GD came up more than once, seemed to be big enough but not _too_ big, and in a good location in the EU so it seemed like a good fit.

    The rates and mods and rules correspond to the gaming experience I'm looking for, and the player base and staff are nice to be around, so I've stayed :)

    eenzame wolf has a bunch of aggresive/neutral dinos on extinction just running amok. these are the last time i saw them so they may or may not be in the same spot.

    92780 114358 -28247 154.94 4.82

    64772 125034 -27824 -140.49 -21.13

    -100034 -141942 -12795 147.90 36.64

    [sent them home, let us know if they get out]

    I seem to have lost the screenshot, but there was an orange shadowmane on Extinction hanging out on the side of a rock. I do have the ccc:

    232710 -61726 -9385 -69.95 -5.46

    Sent home - Kuko


    It might be just me, but I find having my dinosaurs constantly looking around at me makes it difficult to maneuver through breeding areas and I get stuck more often than not. I know I can disable it myself, which I do, but I figured if other people found it annoying, having it turned off by default might be an easy fix! :)

    Any kind of heaving farming will have a negative impact on server performance, it's unavoidable. It's why stopping people from chainsawing sheep is good by using the small mutton stacks (even if lazy ole' me would love to build a meat grinder again). I try to limit the use of a bronto for berry farming as well, generally to times when one or less people are on the server to avoid lagging people out at an inopportune time. Anything that just does massive harvest output will lag a server, no matter how good your server is. Ark is resource heavy to start with, and it's compounded by mods. Having juggled with settings of the sort in my own cluster in the past, I have to say I side with the mods/admins here that it's probably best not to have stryders running amok.

    We already have to contend with the unavoidable server save lag, I appreciate the staff doing their best to minimise the rest.