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    Not sure if this has been spoken about before but i feel that having the N+ mutator with like 20 element per pulse and gender swap removed because of the gender tokens would be cool, maybe a limit of 1 pulse per creature and the cooldown being like 6 hours so its less OP, i feel that it would be great for making good lines faster as with the more or less 24hr breeding cooldown it is kind of hard to get mutations and make progress with lines, if the cost per pulse was increased and the limit of 1 then it wouldn't be OP, just enough for late game players to afford, like once you are at the point in the game that you can boss run most days then it becomes affordable, and maybe make it like level 175 to unlock the engram or something, so its not super easy to get at all, idk but it seems like a good idea to me


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    Iv been playing ARK since legacy and farming lag has been a thing since then (infact its one of the first videos i ever posted on youtube

    ) and it will be until its dying day. Stryders just cause more of it and imagine having 2+ people using them.
    For example if i use a bronto on the gen1 ocean biome(sounds crazy i know) on just normal rates i can almost stall the server so your argument there is invalid.
    The balance is currently there to preserve the servers concept (not shitty wildcards) in my complete opinion they are a PVP recovery dino that allows people to recover faster after a raid wipes them.

    In PVE tell me why we would want to make "everything quicker"?, speeding up PVE is 100% pointless in-fact wildcard care so little about it they make it very trivial like a mini game in addition to the main game they balance for (PVP).

    are u that dumb, its a server side issue, nobody cares abt ur 100% legit 10k setup and gigabit internet, that server ur on probably is shitty lol, bro know ur shit before u speak, ive been running servers for years, it dont work like that

    Right, so, stryders are disabled becuase they are OP for farming...why not have their spawn rates super low so only a few on the map at a time, and if its a possible thing in the files, disable the possibility to spawn with farming attachments, but like keep the one that allows mining drill to beam into them so its not useless, just the same as having a weight argy on follow, just it doesnt fly and u dont have to open the inventory to deposit the stuff, and disable the transmitter on them too maybe, and even more, make them only spawn up to like lvl 20 so they cant even get to 100 with leveling, seems pretty balanced to me, but im sure others have their views, i would be interested to read them, see what i missed :thumbup: