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  • Hey whats up! There is as dispawned base near where i live and i can't place turrets.Everything is despawned but the vaults and the beds. I've been waiting for the tribe to come online but they are not coming at all.Can i do something or i just have to move my base ?

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  • "Scheisse" - Kiwii

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  • danke =)

  • hi for some reason i cant quick join in the server, is there a way i can look it up in the search bar in ARK ?

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  • hello, where can I report a problem of mine?

    • In our support forum. But I see you already did it :)

    • yea i should"ve searched more before writing here

  • hey i was wondering if any of the servers use kibble table or kibble vending machine

  • Also ... wie mache ich das Bild in die Signatur ??

    • Ich werd dir im Laufe des Tages in dem Forum-Beitrag paar Screens hochladen, die das erklären sollten :) Gerade bin ich noch beschäftigt.

    • Hab ihn es schon gemacht ^^