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    First of all

    Do you refund lost items or dinos?

    No, we don't replace lost or deleted items or dinos. Even if it is not the fault of the affected player e.g. server crash or restart (due to mod update) during a boss fight.

    The only exception is made when the loss was caused explicitly by an admin e.g. accidently or unlawfully deletion of a base.

    And otherwise, how did you manage to get killed by 2 alpha raptors with a tek rex 399? those should be down in some bites.

    1. Titanosaur permanent?

    - No, Titanosaur are not permanent Tame.

    2. able to bring TItans to Ragnarok?

    - As you cant bring anything from Extinction to any other server on the cluster this questions should be clear.

    3. Desert Titan permanent?

    - As the Titanosaur is not Permanent i think the Desert titan is not permanent aswell, but not totaly sure on that one.

    4. Structure Limit on Plattformsaddles/raft?

    - No idea, i would say fairly standard but also not sure on that one.

    And the Winner is Warangel Congrats. I will contact you tomorrow to give you your reward.

    Thanks for the participation. If you guys are lucky there will be another game next month.

    Hello Everybody

    As i'm a Humble Bundle Monthly subscriber i just got the game "The Division" Its a PC activation key for Uplay or Steam (not totally sure)

    Im giving it away because I already have it and really can't do anything with it.

    Everyone that answers here that he is interested gets into the winning pool. I will draw the winner on Sunday 10PM UTC+1 and announce it in here.

    Thanks for your contribution and see you on the ARK

    Cheers Tsuki

    P.s. If you would like to join the Humble Monthly subscription aswell and want to support things like that, here you find my ref link.

    The giveaway is over