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    These borders on profiles is that part of the update and is there anyway to get a hold of one?

    Love the new design by the way <3

    Yeah, they are part of the update. Right now only team members and honorary members do have a border. But we are thinking about adding borders in the future for other users, too. We will be discussing this in the near future and keep you updated.

    Looks really cool and fresh, nice that now you have all those connect buttons to all servers and generally really good work with the colors :D

    Just a small design thing for the main page tho, the picture you use for the background is too bright (white) compared with the buttons so they disappear a little bit, could probably make buttons less transparent or do some brightness/contrast changes on the pic itself :)

    Oh and also for your header, in the text "ARK SERVER NETWORK SINCE 2015" unless you looking at it with a big monitor (28" works fine, lower you see the issue) few letters are starting to be bit hard to see (or parts of them) like "S", "N" or "I", not a big thing and you can still read it but could make the text a little thicker :)

    Thanks for your feedback, I changed the buttons on our frontpage to be less transparent now. Hope it's better now :)

    Hello survivors,

    we like to announce that we finally finished the automatic voting coins script. Starting now, you will receive your voting coins within 1 hour after voting. Please don't cry about "I haven't received my coins mimimi" before you waited 2-3 hours.

    Please note that votes are sent to the forums accounts linked with the steam accounts that voted. So if you use more than 1 account, then you will need a forums account for each steam account. Otherwise you will not receive your coins.

    The Ghost-Division Team

    hmmm.. dann muss der Fehler bei Ark-Servers liegen. Ich werd die mal anschreiben und nachfragen.

    Also ich kann soweit bestätigen, dass du mehr als 6 Votes hast. Trotzdem kommen wir nicht auf die 2x 9 Votes, wenn ich mir die Daten anschaue, die ich von bekomme.

    Für die Server "PvPvE", "PvP ScorchedEarth", "PvP TheIsland" und "PvE ScourchedEarth" finde ich dich nicht bei den Daten. Ich kann mir jetzt so nicht erklären, warum die Votes nicht zählt. Vielleicht hast du ne Idee bei den Servern die ich gerade genannt habe.

    No he is just saying that every player should follow the rules. Doesnt matter if you're new or already played several month. Same rules for everybody.

    It clearly says "Remove old structures".

    And like I said we cant judge if a structure is from an active or inactive tribe. Reminding an inactive tribe about old structures wouldnt help much since they would not see it. We all have jobs and reallife and we dont want to waste this time with reminding people about the rules and looking after them several times. If we see old structures we assume they are from an inactive tribe (which is true for almost all cases) and delete everything. That's how the rules are.

    Thats nothing personal against you or your tribe. Everyone can forget something and sometimes mistakes are made but then you have to deal with the consequences. I can imagine how upseting it is to lose all your stuff. But like i already mentioned in my previous post we can't check every possibility for each structures that is found and in that case you guys just did not follow our rules.

    And you have to keep in mind that our supporters cannot know if the outpost belongs to an active tribe and just got forgotten or if it belongs to an inactive tribe.

    Just imagine how time consuming it would be if we checked every structure that we found to verify that it belongs to an active tribe. Therefore if we see old structures we assume that they belong to an inactive one and delete all structures. This way we can keep the server clean much better since we ensure that there are no more small buildings and structures left across the map. Would be an impossible and time consuming task to search for every piece of tribe structures by just walking around.

    As already mentioned by mrbrocker and Kogadins its written in our rules that old structures have to be removed. Else we delete all tribestructures. So it’s your duty as a player and as a tribe to follow the rules. We won’t run after you.

    Sorry for your loss but in the future just make sure that you and your tribe destroy old structures. Would be appreciated by all other players on the server.

    Du kannst davon ausgehen, dass wenn es den Spielspaß derart minimiert (wie du sagst) Wildcard selbst mit einem Update kommt um das zu balancen.

    Und spätestens dann hast du Probleme mit dem Mod und unter Umständen dem Safegame. Daraufhin müsste gewiped werden und du kannst wieder von vorne anfangen.

    ARK ist ein Early Access Game und das wird nicht die einzige Änderung sein, die manchen missfallen wird. Es ist einfach noch ein unfertiges Produkt. Aber ähnlich wie bei der Flugsaurier-Diskussion wird sich Wildcard was gedacht haben. Da ist dann wohl das offizielle ARK Forum die bessere Adresse seine konstruktive Kritik zu äußern und vielleicht wird sie dort gehört und etwas geändert.

    Leider ist das bei immer mehr Early Access Spielen der Fall :( Aber offensichtlich ist der Gewinn höher, als der Schaden durch schlechte Publicity.