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    Verify steam files, update graphic driver. Try to run the game in no sky mode. Sometimes game updates bring such "features" and a lot of people complain about it. Let's hope that WC will fix it.

    Verified steam files like 5 times in the past 2 days, didn't change anything.

    Runned the game in no-sky mode made it actually worse than it is without nomansky.

    Drivers are up2date, my computer is pretty brand new bought it like 4 months ago all new parts.

    So it's probably the game and not my hardware?

    I've tried so many things, I just can't seem to get this fixed.

    It's headache inducing when playing for awhile, it doesn't happen all the time but sometimes.

    The longer I play the worse it seems to get, atleast thats what I think it is might just be me getting crazy from it.

    This video is taken with these settings -> check attachments.

    And this is the video, it shows briefly whats happening and you'll notice what I'm talking about.

    I seem to have alot of issues, first it was white flickering that got fixed by turning ground clutter to 0.

    Now there's this, and there's also that sort of gamma keeps changing.

    Although I can live with the gamma changing but whats shown in the video is just insane to play with..

    The weird part is also it only happens on Ragnarok which is definetly my favorite map to play on..

    Any advice, tips is appreciated... I love ark but if its like this it's killing my mood to play.

    I igree with all of you but tink it this way, removing the ark advance will remove the kibble cooker wich will lead to players taming every creature out there in order to have all eggs for all the kibbles so maybe at least a replacement of this feature would be nice. Something like Kibble Matrix. Also 30cc darts are not useles at all, i find them way better than the dream machine, but that is only my opinion and maybe the opinion of dousen more players

    Thing with the 30cc is that it's abit of a bug honestly.

    You never use up ammo and combined with a good longneck you do 30k torpor a hit.

    Maybe alittle too op?

    Bingo. ARK Advance has loads of items and structures to load.

    The only real advantage of Automated ARK were the OCD vaults, which became useless the moment S+ dedicated storages were introduced. So I don't see any use in Automated ARK anymore.

    I find S+ Dedicated storages much nicer aswell compared to automated arks OCD vaults

    The fridges of Ark advanced are also much better then the S+ ones.

    But you can replace the Mod with "Automated Ark" it is nearly the same Mod, but optimized and the last update was at 12th January 2018

    And it looks fancy :)

    And you can disable every engram (in case the admins want to)

    Pretty sure it's more about reducing load time with the removal of un-neccesarry mods not adding more to it.

    Looking to trade for a male giga level 200+ so he can join my 6 females and have a fun time.

    ( Need a male to start getting eggs to level my other dinos with. )

    There is a replacement for the autocompost stuff already. grab dung beetles 1 should be able to provide enough for a entire tribe. Get a item collector, and a s+ farmer. Collector collects poop and puts it in dung beetle. Farmer takes fertilizer from dung beetle and spreads it over all crop plots in range. (Has 300 slots)

    The only maintenance here is grabbing oil from dung beetle if it gets overweight from oil.

    As for the impact crusher, I think chemical bench is definetly faster I just compared the two and it feels like chemical bench is much faster.

    Huge tip for dung beetle users attach it to a hitching post when putting on wandering it still produces fertilizer and doesn't just escape!

    If there's a replacement for the kibble cooker (Pretty much all I ended up using from the mod) then I'm fine with the removal of this mod.

    Please don't remove steampunk or Serven's Tranq Kit, thanks.