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    There will be no extra rule for this. The suggestion has been declined.

    But to clarify the initial topic:

    Taming Pens =/= Outposts

    We will continue to remove taming pens and we will continue to punish players that violate our rules!

    • Old structures must be demolished. This includes abandoned and unneeded structures (for example, rafts, fishing spots & taming boxes) or we will delete them without a warning. Taming boxes, unbuilt rafts, single campfires and storage boxes must be removed after use.

    This is not going to happen, because sometimes the server hang up in the past and then it would require a manual restart from the Server Owners. But we are not here all the time, so it could cause long downtimes. In addition, sometimes multiple updates for mods and ARK itself are rolled out within a very short period of time, causing the server to restart multiple times and this would result into a lot of Wild Dino Wipes without any warning.

    Last but not least, Wild Dino Wipes will increase the time of server restarts by around 5 minutes depending on server size etc. It can happen that you are able to login, but you would get kicked shortly after. So this could cause a lot of random deaths of players now knowing what is going to happen. In fact you are not able to see when the Wild Dino Wipe is finished or not. Not even we can see it. This increased startup times would cause downtimes that would also affect our scores in the toplists in a negative way.

    Hey Scrubz

    while I agree that there is a lack of advertisement for the PvP servers, I disagree with the idea of using top slots for PvP. PvE is currently the place where we generate the most players for our project. Replacing with PvP would come with a risk of failure. It would reduce the amount of players joining PvE, but not secure increasing player numbers on PvP.

    We will add the PvP servers to soon, but they will not be used for the ranks 1-3.

    The limitations we have were introduced by to prevent big clusters like us being placed on the ranks 1-10 for example. We have 10 servers at the moment, but we can only promote 3. Sorry for this, but there is not much we can do there.

    I had a couple of questions

    1. Will Ghost data be available for the pvp cluster?

    We have plans to bring up GhostData for the PvP Cluster in the future, but it will require a lot of difficult backend changes that would also affect the PvE Cluster. Therefore, there is no certain ETA as of yet. We are focusing on bring PvP up and then we'll start working on our backend changes.

    2. Will the Vivarium be enabled and if so will this use the default crafting cost or the adjusted one like on the pve cluster?

    As far as I'm correctly informed, Vivariums will be available, but with regular crafting costs. PvP wasn't affected by the tame limit in the past, so we took no steps to prevent it. Of course we could take steps at any time if needed.

    What will happen with GC for pvp, will it be allowed to buy from begining? I hope not allowed.

    We will not give out Voting Rewards to PvP players for the first month or so. Exact period of time will be announced shortly.

    Everything highlighted in green is a final owner decision. We'll create an announcement in the "News" tab as soon as the changes are live.

    Name Votes
    Asgad 90
    [HC] Jager 90
    Kat 90
    Reaper 90
    noelpy 90
    _Xochi_ 90
    vas 90
    Jonainsde 90
    Mala'kak 90
    BobbyTheButcher 90
    Manux 90
    JaqubR 90
    Yanik 90
    Taemiru 90

    These are the top voters for last month. We have used to randomize the list. Here is the result:


    As a result Yanik is 1st, Kat is 2nd and _Xochi_ is 3rd.

    Thanks for all voters!

    To the winners: Please contact me via ticket system and I will personally give out the prizes. Thanks.

    That's too bad, I wouldn't ask anyone to do work for free and you guys really do deserve some personal compensation for changes past launch.

    Every cent goes back to the project itself. Even if we are over the donation goal, we are always investing it back to the project. Also the donation goal doesn't include webserver, domain, teamspeak and other costs. It only includes the software licenses and hardware we need for the gameservers itself.

    Beers, and hopefully some of your free time :)

    We are not allowed to pay ourself, neither are we allowed to buy us something for ourself. We are no company, we would need to create one though if we would do so.

    upgrades maybe? investing more into hardware or different things that could change the server and put us in a better position?

    We are already using the best possible hardware you can get on the market and we are in regular contact with our host to check when we can get better hardware. We are using the newest and best components available, sometimes before they are even released on the free market. There is no possible upgrade, and if there should be one in the future, then we already know of it 1-2 months before release + ordered it already. Every player who followed this project from the beginning knows this in fact.

    As for Rockwell/ Tek cave, I agree that it could bring ANY reward other than the additional levels - so players were willing to run it more than once. While the ascension is very fun, it's also pointless to do it more than once.

    This is actually not possible, because the feature that is being used to override the other boss inventories is not available for the Rockwell. I double-checked this with the dev kit and the required feature was not added for the Rockwell.