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    I disagree, it shouldn't be easier to make, in fact, why not change recipe to require Alpha King Titan instead, no but seriously, Gamma King Titan is ridiculously easy to do and gives King Titan at least some(even if really horrible) reason for existing, what's the point otherwise if even blue OSD gives better loot.

    Then rather give them some actual reason to exist, some reward that's really worth doing them. The Tek Stove is rather random in that aspect, and it's more gating the Stove rather than giving the Titans an actual purpose. Seeing the crafting recipe makes me think "Oh well, no Tek Stove then", rather than "Alright, let's do Gamma Titan to get a single Stove!".

    Hello there!

    Any chance on getting the Tek Stove crafting recipe changed? It's a nice upgrade to the grill of course, but nothing OP.

    Consider this:

    • There are other instant crafts as well (Lab, Grinder), cooked meat is nothing different from those (actually, I think the others are a lot more useful, who needs that much meat, and you're using 16 grills to craft it anyway)
    • Things like Lab or Cooking Pot are only 25 element instead of the trophy, that's a huge difference in cost
    • There are 10 maps, getting the Stove on multiple maps, or for decoration purposes, is not really feasible

    I feel with this crafting requirements right now, it would be more of a status symbol rather than something people actually want for use.

    Indeed it was frustrating with the spawns, but a smaller map isn't always good. If you look at it from another side, you will see alot more people whining and crying about stolen kills. Or someone trying to get a few zombies together and throw a grenade, but someone comes and kills them all (*cough* Like you did to me :(*cough* Don't take it serious). Since the mod isn't being developed, a map change is most likely the only way to get more zombies in a smaller radius.

    *cough* you mean like you shot an RPG into mine *cough* :P Yeah, I guess you're right. If people start taking it too serious it all would just become toxic I guess..

    Overall cool event!

    First half of the event was pretty fun, people and zombies everywhere. At the second half of the event, long playing core of the community grouped up at a secret spot, which resulted in basically no zombie spawns outside of this secret spot. I enjoyed the first 1,5 days, rest was sadly unplayable due to lack of zombies when you where not able to find the secret spot.

    Yes, the spawning was the main issue I had with the event too. It seemed zombies were mostly spawning in whatever place the most players were at that moment. So it was not strictly related to the secret outpost. Sometimes we were also sitting at the outpost and just waiting for ages for something to spawn, barely having anything. It was more of a general issue.


    First off, thanks for the event! It was really fun, I quite liked the change to normal Ark, just running around and slaughtering hugging everything you see.

    The mod also worked quite nicely, the enemies were fun and I really liked the balancing, in terms that you didn't just have one meta for killing everything, but you could adopt a lot of different strats and weapons to use. Pike for small zombies, Shotgun/Compbow for SWATs / Juggernauts, Firecrackers to lure them, grenades to turn out masses of smaller ones, RPGs to kill anything with one shot (but at a high price). And Assault Rifle also got the job done. Only Snipers were quite frustrating due to the hitbox for headshots being completely messed up.

    The main negative point I have is what I already just mentioned. In the chat there were also quite often people asking why there are no zombies spawning, or complaining that there are none. And in those moments it just turns into people running around fighting for scraps, since it's not a 'horde' you're fighting, but rather just one or two zombies somewhere. But of course that is an issue with the mod or the spawning mechanics, not with the organization of the event itself. Same goes for airdrops. They seemed to select players at random and then spawn an airdrop where they are -> the more players are online, the less airdrops you got unless you were where everybody else was. Over night, while I was solo online, I literally got airdrops faster than I could clear their defense, so that I had constantly a list of 5+ airdrops written down, and was doing them for over 2 hours without break. During that time, I got around 4x as much points as I got throughout the day, so the difference was huge. (To be clear, within 5 hours I made enough points that I would've been at the #3 spot solely from that, and in a certain sense that's unfair) Maybe that could be countered next time by having a dedicated, small map for this or so, so that everybody is at the same spot, thus not taking away other peoples spawns.

    As another idea from an organization perspective: Maybe it would've been nice to not only have purely competitive goals, but also community goals. E.g. 10'000 zombies killed and everyone who participated gets a free chibi, 100'000 zombies and there will be a double breeding event, something like that. So that people have an incentive not only to accumulate as much as possible for themselves, but also achieve a common goal.

    I didn't look for the hidden spots, so I can't say much about that :) Though I much preferred the secret outpost (visually) compared to the other outposts, since it had more of a zombie apocalypse vibe to it.

    Then I'll add some screenshots too :D

    Sneak attack.. with an RPG.

    Zombie Polonaise:

    Getting close up and chummy

    Homo Deus Zombies?

    ARK Hitboxes, Zombie Edition

    Zeph bleeding in... questionable places

    Since Kat pointed it out: I am aware of Gunnsens statement on Change harvest rates for only specific resources on Gen2. But this does not apply here:

    1. The suggestion was to lower only specific rates, which could not be done due to lag. This does not apply here since there is also the option to change up the crafting recipe instead.

    2. Gunnsen talked about the balancing of Gen2 compared to the other servers. This also does not apply here as Mutagel is only obtainable on Gen2 in the first place, hence nothing to compare it against. It is your only source for getting it either way.

    I understand the decision that was taken there, and agree with it. However I think mutagel should be reconsidered as it is kind of a special case, and allows for alternative solutions without costing much server resources.

    First off:

    Compared to yesterday, harvesting amounts have been changed in Gen2. This also affects mutagel, so you only get half of what you got until now. According to Mschmidi:


    the reduction of the rates had already been announced, but the setting was not adopted on the technical side. By chance we got aware of it yesterday and adjusted it accordingly.

    Genesis 2 changes

    Keep that in mind as this is what I address here.

    Until yesterday, mutagel dropped in multiples of x8 (x8, x16, x24, ...), now only in multiples of x4. So this halves the yield of an already quite rare resource. Before, I managed up to 10k mutagel in one hour, but that is also only when everything works out just flawlessly, with no other players around and doing the entire cycle from 1:30 to 0:00. Without tryharding its more around 6-8k for most people I would guess. So I will just use 8k as baseline here.


    If you want to mutate all 4 stats of a giga line, you require 396 mutagen, which is 45'540 mutagel (with Lab, 52'800 with chem bench), which on the previous rates would require 5.7 hrs (or 6.6 hrs with chem bench, based on 8k per hour). Now that doesn't sound like that much, but remember this; You can only grind mutagel when the cycle is around , there are 8 different cycles, and the ingame day takes 1 hour. That means, throughout the entire day, there will only be 3 cycles with mutagel on average. And a player who perhaps "only" plays 4 hrs a day would hence only be there for one cycle every 2 days. Then that would already require nearly 2 weeks to get. And that is only assuming that you also do every cycle you then encounter, dropping anything else you may be doing or planning to do. On top of that, some people like to hunt for stats and breed, so it doesn't stop at a single breeding line. There are many, many creatures, getting mutagen for all of them would already have been a grind.

    Now, this is effort is doubled. Meaning, mutagen on your giga line would require you on the example up above 11-13 hours of pure asteroid-hopping, and on 4 hrs a day gameplay 1 month of work. For a single breeding line, of a single creature, assuming you don't get any better stat after that you may want to mutagen again.

    I completely understand the idea of a long-running server, and not having everything easy to obtain, and I for the most part agree with lowering the Gen2 Rates. E.g. Element harvest is utterly OP, even on x1, no question. But Gen2 is the only source for mutagen, hence it cannot throw the other maps out of balance in that aspect. And I think it was already low enough, considering the demand, the low-ish rates and the limited obtainability due to cycles.

    Hence my suggestion to increase the rates for Mutagel only back to the how it was until yesterday, or alternatively reduce the crafting cost for mutagen in chem bench / lab.

    Something like

    HarvestResourceItemAmountClassMultipliers = (ClassName = "PrimalItemConsumable_Mutagel_C",Multiplier=2)



    I suppose

    Thanks for reading ;)

    Edit: A little addition: I also think that the mutagel rates as of now pose an imbalance when comparing it to the other resources considering the effort and grind required to get them. This is a x2 server, presumably to reduce the eternal resource grind to a manageable level. For example metal you can get like 500k - 1 million in a single hour. Compared to that, mutagel is in a completely different world.

    If I remember correctly the mouse cursor is set to the center of ark once the message vanishes. That happening every 30 minutes might not be helpful.

    I never once noticed that tbh.

    I agree with the suggestion, would be handy. In worst case, considering Dias objection, it could always be removed again if players find it bothersome. Since we're not talking of some major change but just a notification, no loss in trying it at least I think.