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    one item collector for poop, one for other stuff. It would make no difference if the collector would shove all into the dung beetles, then they would become full instead, and after that the item collector would be flooded too. Dung beetles always process one of each type of poop at a time.

    1 - It already got said that those bps won't exceed the quality of those found ingame.

    2 - Obvious that this isn't going to happen anyway^^

    3 - No it doesn't, if 5 people have all the top1 amount of votes, all 3 winners get drawn from them.

    4 - ??? No idea what you mean, the daily vote always resets at a fixed time per day, and at the end of month the vote list resets with it. Completely independent of timezones.

    5 - Agree.

    Tribe governance only defines who in the tribe can use your stuff, doesn't change anything towards the tame limit. I still don't see the problem though. I mean, you need some flyers, and a few utility dinos. Even with 5 people I fail to see how you'd need more than 10 dinos out?

    And not 80-90 levels with one baby kill, but it's fast.

    There is only one tribe limit, can't be set in proportion to the amount of people. Also, if you want to level dinos, get some spinos / gigas breeding and kill the babies with euthanasia gun while being mounted on the dino, counts as kill by the dino. Will be close to max in no time (around 80-90 levels, the last levels are ridiculous). Never heard passive xp being a relevant thing :D

    For the rest.. there's still multiple servers, breeding shouldn't be an issue as long as you don't try to breed more than 2 creatures at once on one server (you're a tribe after all, organize yourself)

    A tint higher chances on Aberration exclusive stuff still would be nice. As surface drops are basically the only option for those, with fishing having fixed loot. Considering how few Drake saddles / Hazmat pieces I got in all those surface hours, combined with how many mc / asc stuff, I'd guess around 100 hours to get a single mc/asc bp of anything. Also, after a while it gets irritating why I get stuffed with Ghillie Armor on Abe. ;)

    The worst thing for me is that I already got double asc out of purple drops, or mc bps from blue.. and a single ramshackle item from red, or primitive from yellow.

    Partially agree.

    I spent over 2300 hours on this cluster, and be assured, at some point you simply won't have anything to do left, on PvE you simply work until you reached endgame, which can be done in a month without much issues, and that's it. At least for servers like this one where there's no PvE building mods (CKF, Ecos, Prim+, ...). So at some point you will either quit or spend your time breeding, no matter what will be done.

    I agree though that the loot and the caves became totally unrewarding. Especially when you hunt for abe loot which obviously only is obtainable there. You get close to no aberrant exclusive stuff. I collected a vault full of gear, and only a handful hazmat items amongst those, and only 2 drake saddles (which only are apprentice/journeyman). I fully get that the loot had to get nerfed, it was too op before. But there's nothing rewarding about getting nothing at all really. And if the goal was to spent hundred hours pure drop farming to perhaps get a decent drake bp, well, screw that.^^

    End of story, I stopped hunting for loot at all.

    well, you can just transfer loads. Like I transferred 400 ele on each server, so the tek gen can run for a year. If I'd want to use the cloning chamber on one server, I'd just make a few thousand and transfer it. Althought imo an open element transfer would be much preferable. But that's another suggestion.^^

    Another option which then still keeps it purely cosmetical would be different donator tiers. Like tier 1 being the current one, and then higher tiers, with different colors (or on highest tier perhaps even (nearly) free to choose). Would perhaps not change much, but wouldn't be much work to implement either, and perhaps give some people who already donated incentive to throw in a bit more.

    I would also suggest using patreon. Psychologically speaking it's easier having a few dollars removed from you each month, than actively donating it every time.

    Thanks for this post and clarifications.

    As one of the people involved/caused in the discussion yesterday, I also want to ensure that no harm was meant by this. Criticism and suggestions are relevant if one is striving to improve, it was just hard to get through. I spent more than 2300 hours on this cluster alone, so I would love to see it continue and stay big.

    I consider the subsequent discussion with you and the others a success, problems got faced, addressed and solutions discussed. Now let's see what the future brings. ^^


    Be aware that selling ingame-stuff of a game you don't own is prohibited. While other servers offer those, doesn't make it any more legal. Shadowing it by calling it "Donations" and giving the players "Gifts" as reward for it doesn't really change that.

    The subscription you suggested can be done by using e.g. Patreon.