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    I don't think there was any resource spawns. and It is 26 27 I think, I have just logged off for the night and the tribe name is Akatsuki and I'm called Fox. on the server. and yes it is ragnarock PVE :)

    Hey okay so I've just spent a very long time building in a cave and I thought it would be okay if it didn't have an artifact in it. but I have been informed that I should ask for permission first, is there a way I can get an admin to come and have a look at the base to see if it's okay? I kinda assumed that it would be okay because i've seen other people building in cave like systems and thinking when you said no building in caves what you meant was a cave with artifacts in. anyway I would like to get this straightened out. I'll be able to come online tomorrow to show you. Please don't wipe my stuf while I'm offline, everything is in there. :/ - Fox.

    hey I left my own server and I didn't mean to, I am a one man tribe and tried to recruite someone, but joined his tribe. can an admin jump on and give me my tribe back please? I'm on the pve ragnarock server and my name is Fox and my tribe was Akatsuki.