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    Stupid are the actual quality loot at the moment on GD...Idk what balance owner try to keep here but a lot of people quit the GD cuz of this.That custom drops with kibble is rubish atm,i wonder after wild card take out this kibbles what will go find here on the beacons? Will be full with that 6 or 8 type of kibbles what wildcard already present to us?hmm....

    This is your opinion and you are totally allowed to have one. There is no setting that would satisfy everyone. Still we have enough players to stay on top of the toplist. Funny, right?

    Also this is a fishing event thread, so please stick to the topic.

    Seems that someone has full hatcheries and their eggs are hatching without any control, with the event smaller dinos can mature without any food and there we go...

    Claiming dinos isn't forbidden by the rules, but still it's someone's bloodlne and it would be polite to search for the owner (eg. by posting their picture with stats and ancestors), and since it's someone's work then reproducing them for further distribution wouldn't be very welcome.

    Tl;dr: post pics here and in discord, try to find their owner, if noone shows up - keep but dont distribute.

    I think that claiming starving adult dinos is different than stealing babies or eggs, as it shows that the owner is either inactive or doesn't care...

    But would be nice to know admins' opinion on this.

    Major Tom Neville The thing is that fishing loot can't be controlled. You can only give it a certain value, but even at the lowest, the loot can't be predicted and give much more than it would be considered balanced for the server. So it's been turned off.

    Fishing is another twisted and difficult subject. Wildcard doesn't use their basic loot table based setting that can be altered, like drops or animal's inventory, for fishing. They've created a predetermined loot table with a specified drop chance and quality range for resources, items and BPs that is solely controlled by just one multiplier. Bigger fish with a higher quality drop items increasingly, i.e. a small fish may drop 7 different stacks of stuff with low quaility which usually means a few resources in low numbers. Maybe an item or two if you're real lucky. The chance to get a BP is low but because of the high quality fish that are in the game the amount of stacks are increased, too. A high quality fish can drop 15-20 stacks easy. That means it is not too rare that you end up getting up to 15 blueprints at once, despite the Wiki claiming the drop chance for a BP is limited to 10%. Multiple tests in the past and recent days have shown that over and over again. TL;DR: Fishing is completely unblanced and lowering besaid multiplier doesn't help much. Lowering the multiplier by half and fishing suddenly ends up in the low range that usually spawns nothing but resources and mostly meat. A bit higher and we're in the OP area again. As bitter as it is but fishing is more like an "on-off" thing. Therefore we've decided to make no changes and trust in the controllable drop chance of drops/beacons.

    >>> Impossible to imprint Pteranodons because of Valentine.

    It's been requested by players to set the cuddle interval to 1,5h as it is now. Everyone seems to enjoy it. Some dinos don't require breeding event to be fully imprinted.

    where is point of event then if u cannot imprint ? :D

    The point is to raise dinos that require a lot of time to mature, like gigas etc. Now you get 20% per cuddle on a giga. Rexes take one cuddle to get 100% imprint.

    Quick question - If I use the ordinary cloning chamber instead of the S+ version - can I level my dinos again? Or do they still take the levels from the original as they do with the S+ version?

    I've just tested it.

    Vanilla cloning chamber doesnt't clone added levels, it's also more expensive and takes twice as much time to clone as s+.

    Admins need to verify it by comparing the ingame situation to single player, or just by knowledge/experience as some rich in resources places are often occupied by players and they are always being told to move (like the small cave in Highlands).

    If you know that someone is blocking, you can report it in a support ticket:

    Though usually it's accepted if a tribe is blocking 3-5 nodes.

    So once every 2-3 months people would be able to get an insane amount of OP blueprints for a minimal effort. That's just stupid.

    This wasn't only about gacha drops, but mostly about BPs that have much higher quality on Extinction (like 140 armor saddles BPs, while on the rest of the cluster it wont go above 100).

    Mind that the plugin has no on-off button. It can be removed, but once it's fixed (if it ever will be) it would need to be installed again, with the entire configuration.

    Wildard permanently blocked the possibility to color player names, so currently we can only have custom player icons, tags (like donator, admin etc) and colored messages ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    This is a suggestion for both clusters actually:

    Add "Estimated downtime: 5-15 minutes" to the daily restart message. People ask about it in Discord every day. And yes, they can keep asking or checking the pinned message, but why, if it can be included in the server message?

    It's a challenge to get a good BP. And yet people do have bookshelves full of them. It's a matter of luck and farming drops. I only farm them occasionally, and i have some very decent bps. Having a candy for every time you make your bed is spoiling.