Wacky Races Event 2023 - date TBA

  • Wacky Races 2023

    It's time to RACE!

    We are proud to announce our newest event taking place on the eventserver. 5 tracks are waiting for the most furious speed maniacs in our community, so prepare for some high speed action! Challenge yourself and compete with other surivors in a championship where every single point counts, every failure can change the outcome of the race and every split second matters. Pump up your adrenaline and excitement and get Ready... Set... Start!

    The date for the Wacky Races 2023 event is still to be determined, stay tuned for more information!

    More Info Coming Soon...

  • Gunnsen

    Changed the title of the thread from “Wacky Races Event 2023 - date TBD” to “Wacky Races Event 2023 - date TBA”.