Adding a dino from ark additions

  • Sup I recommend to add domination rex mod the indominus rex its not crazy powerful to be broken you can see a vid about it pretty much an egg , like before the wipe there was a custom wyvern same thing its more of an endgame craft, here is a vid


  • Morning, can you confirm we are we talking about that mod:…&searchtext=Indominus+Rex

    From my personal view, for a lot of people its already a pain in the ass to load the 15 mods and i dont think that a lot of players would like to have to load another mod only for cosmetic and some kind of buff for a rex. Especially for Bossfights there are enough powerful dinos you can use and we also allowe to mutate the dino stats to make creatures more powerful at all.

    But we will bring it up in our next team meeting (no date set yet) and then answer the suggestion.

    Greetings Mschmidi

  • Mschmidi

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  • I absolutely love this Dino and I've played on a server where I had a really good line.

    They're much more powerful than rexes but only slightly bigger than. So, you can still take them into boss fights but they do a lot more damage. Also, they're immune to bleeds and rends. They're a little OP, but no more than a Carcha. Their base level from the eggs (which can be crafted from level 100) isn't that great so you'd have to make multiple eggs to even get a decent line. They'd be a great addition.

  • Yea that mod exactly, it can be brought to bosses but maybe you can disable mutations for it if that is even an option or make it a really high level to get it like lvl 200 to be able to craft like that would be really end game because will need to defeat a couple of alpha bosses and stuff to reach that level

  • I don't know much about this mod or dino. Yes the load time is already lengthy as it is but my main concern is if it's in any way overpowered and would ruin the balance of the game. Usually these mod dinos just make a lot of the vanilla dinos redundant. I'm just stating my opinion here. That I'm worried if this gets added in, it would just snowball its way into becoming an overpowered and easy option for bossfights. Where someone can just grab a bunch of these non mutated and not well bred, and just clear boss fights no problem. It is a cool dino but if it is overpowered and can be taken into bossfights, is there an option to disable it from going into bossfights?