Dino scan + x5 taming event: Feb 3-5

  • What is a taming event?

    - Wild dino scan is enabled: you can see locations of max level wild dinos using N+ Transmitters and omni tools,
    - Taming speed will be increased to x5 (from x3)

    - During the event we get daily wild dino wipes (2:00 GMT (night)).

    * This event can be purchased by the community as a Voting reward. Learn more about voting rewards here: Voting Rewards

    When will it take place?

    Suggested date is February 3-5; if we don't collect enough GC by then, we'll make a poll among contributors to determine new date.

    Events start around the time of daily restart on Friday and end at the same time on Monday (11:00 GMT)

    Can we pay with ARc bars?

    No, GC only!

    How do I donate my GC?

    Just make a comment declaring how many GC you want to spend on the event. The event is available for all players, not only for contributors.

    How much should I donate?

    Anything you want! Every single GC means support for this event

    Goal: 1000/1000

    Kat 50

    Hefty 950

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