Better Horde Mode

  • Compatible with every Mod that spawns OSDs and Element Veins


    This Mod finally makes OSDs and Element Veins bearable!

    Don't you always get frustrated and annoyed when the counter again is at "5 Hostiles left" and you cannot seem to find them?

    Well, it's your lucky day then!

    After a specific amount of time (Default 60 Seconds), the "hostiles" get marked for death with a bright beacon, revealing their hiding position!

    Optionally, this mod also features an option to kill off those lost Dinos after a specified amount of time. If you want to, you even can set those timings to super low values to essentially AFK everything (If you are into such things).

    Also, the auto destruction range of the event basically is triple of the original value. You basically never have to worry about getting too far away from the event anymore!…iledetails/?id=2112042937

  • first post on there is not encouraging:

    And this was back in july 2021

  • I think there is a timer that kills the stragglers, but it's at a few minutes
    A despawn range further away so that's not a worry when you search for the stragglers could also work
    This could be nice if it's optimised and enough the loading doesn't increase too much