tek cave (outside the tek door) on island

  • removing the ( cannot release soul in caves ) inside the volacno ( infront of the tek door on island ) ... because the volcano is not a cave ,,, why cant we release souls infront of the tek door ????

    its been pain for me to soul out the dinos (rexes) 10meters away just to walk them to a door and then open it .,, then walk the dinos inside the cave again (it ended up me not doing the boss at all cuz the rexes got stuck in the door )

    ... please fix this its been pain for me to do that as a solo player .

    its unnecessary .


    and thank u .. i love u all <3

    (sorry if i explained too much or missed use the thread .. its my first time posting ):saint:

  • Removing cave volume from that place would require editing the map itself.

    Our settings disable releasing dinos in all caves as per server concept which you can read here: https://the-ghost-division.com/info_concept/

    It's a setting of Dino storage and the mod detects cave values set by game developers. Certain areas, such as obelisks or said cave entrance, are marked as caves as well - that's to help prevent building in these places and the only way to "fix it" is enabling soul release in caves.

    People were running tek cave long before souls or cryos even existed and it's totally doable. You can use a daeodon to heal the dinos that took damage from lava on the way to cave entrance; or use one of many other strategies that don't require using rexes at all. We have a lot of solo players, but the purpose of playing on a public server is teaming up - if not joining a tribe, then at least joining alliances for bossfights and such. Running tek cave alone, with a bunch of rexes, would cause huge losses on your side as you wont be able to control them that well. Walking rexes through the cave is much worse than getting them through the entrance, which you already failed to do.

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