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  • Would you prefer to use Super Spyglass Plus? 52

    1. Yes, let's replace it (47) 90%
    2. No, let's keep Awesome Spyglass (5) 10%

    I would like to ask the community what is your opinion regarding replacing our current spyglass mod: Awesome Spyglass.

    While the mod is really well done, it's also outdated and doesn't support new creatures - if they require different taming methods, they are shown as non-tamable or wrong food is listed, which is confusing for everyone.

    The new mod that I suggest adding is Super Spyglass Plus:…iledetails/?id=2594067220

    It's a bit smaller than Awesome Spyglass but has all its features, supports all new creatures and is configurable, so it can work and look exactly as our current mod.

    It offers four different ways to use it: a regular item that you equip like a weapon, a skin that is equipped on your helmet, a consumable that gives you the spyglass interface and a remote that switches it on/off when you use it.
    During several long minutes of testing i did not find any issues, but can't tell how it may impact server performance or stability - but in worst case we can always switch back to Awesome Spyglass.

    Screens to illustrate what it does (left - Super Spyglass Plus, right - Awesome Spyglass):

    "Needs to damage corpses of creatures you have killed" vs "Not tamable"


    Shows sizes and amounts of fish required to tame vs shows wrong food.



    The mod has 2 types of interface to choose from, you may like more the other one:

    Wild dino:

    Tamed dino:

    The size and colors of both UIs are configurable.

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  • We changed from Super Spyglass to Awesome Spyglass cause awesome spyglass "is sooo much better", now we want to chanbge back cause Super Spyglass is sooooo much better. I dislike the change mostly because the Super Spyglass has the wrong order for stats, food and oxygen are exchanged :-D

  • This is super spyglass plus, a rework of super spyglass. And noone cares about oxy and food anyway, you can just switch columns in your stats spreadsheet.

    And iirc super spyglass was causing server issues and was heavily outdated.

    We also changed from S+ to SS because it seemed better at the time, but then N+ appeared which was based on clean S+ and we switched to it then. Mods do upgrade.

  • We did some testing and currently will not exchange the current spyglass mod. There are some important settings that we need missing in Super Spyglass Plus. We will keep an eye on that mod though, so if these settings will be added we can use the new mod,

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