Add Ferox to Reward Vault

  • I understand the reason feroxes aren't available in the vault atm, but i think it should be reconsidered.

    As of right now it is impossible to get a ferox with higher stats than the wild one you find, due to a bug that has been for months. It causes all tamed feroxes to get the boosted points in its small form like any other dino (if it was 150, it will go 224 and if you count all stat points it will be 224), but once you transform your new tame, it will have the same stats it had as wild, despite saying "level 224", it just has 150 points, if the wild one was 150. This makes it impossible to get a tame with any 40+ stat unless you are that one in a million to find a 40+ stat wild dino.

    The only way to bypass this bug is by spawning in a tamed ferox or using any command that tames it, which the reward vault is. If it was added you could get a legit unbugged ferox, which would be the only current way of obtaining one properly. They are already bugged in so so many ways, so i think it would at least be fair to have them in the vault to bypass this bug which is probably the most severe bug these little creatures have, making it close to entirely useless.

  • Gunnsen

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