Farming event: October 14-16

  • Are your resource storages getting empty? Or maybe you always wanted to tame a stryder? Let's have a farming weekend!

    * This event can be purchased by the community as a Voting reward. Learn more about voting rewards here: Voting Rewards

    What does it mean?

    - Harvesting on all maps (except for Genesis 2) will be increased to x4 (from x2).

    - STRYDERS! they are spawning during the event and you can tame them - mind that they can't be soultrapped and brought to other maps, and will be removed on Monday.

    When will it happen?

    - Suggested date is October 14-16. If we dont collect enough GC by then, we'll make a poll to determine a new date.

    Can we pay with ARc bars?

    - No, GC only!

    How do I participate?

    - Just make a comment declaring how many GC you want to spend on the event! Your GC will be pulled from your account when we hit the goal, to avoid accidental spending of your coins.

    How much should I donate?

    - Anything you want! Every single GC means support for this event :)

    Goal: 1000/1000 GC

    Jelly 1000

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