Longer Nights during Wildcard Halloween

  • Hello, maybe a bit too early but doesn't hurt to make a suggestion far ahead. For Wildcard's upcoming Fear Evolved, I was thinking if it would be possible to increase night time during the event to give more people a chance to slay the dodowyvern and dodorex?

    Last year if you timed it perfectly you had about 5-7 minutes to both find and kill the dodowyvern/dodorex, which sometimes meshes making it even harder to find. Unless you got a bunch of strong dinos or even the time to set up turrets, you're not gonna manage to kill those things (especially dodowyvern with 1 mil+ hp) within the few minutes you got.

    While it should still remain a challenge to get a hold of precious loot and zombie wyverns/ zombie dodos, it's a little bit unrealistic to have as little as just a few minutes to scavenge an entire map and drain that hp, especially if you are solo.