Tek Bow Engram Cost -> newly adjusted level cap design*

  • The level requirement for the tek bow should probably be adjusted now that the player level cap was decreased from 175 to 165. I am of the opinion that if a player ascends on every map on gamma (thinking solo players, not pushing for alpha ascensions, etc.) they should be able to learn the tek bow engram. As it stands with the 165 player level cap, you could ascend on every map, including gen2, and still not be able to learn the tek bow engram.

    Just a thought... decreasing base player levels by 10, should probably decrease engram cost of the tek bow by 10.

  • The starting level cap was decreased because of the additional max levels you get from collecting the runes in Fjordur. So max level cap stays the same.

    Tek bow, like the rest of the tek stuff is supposed to be a reward for an achievement. Making it easy to get will only cause people to stop playing earlier since they wouldn't have more stuff to achieve. The ascensions aren't that hard and there is people willing to take solo players along or the ability to just make a post in discord about it to group up with others.

    Honestly, if someone wants to play solo, do everything without help from another person, why not play in single player instead? Bosses are one of the only things in Ark PVE that encouraged larger groups of people to join up together. (By larger, I'm talking about more than 2 ppl :D) Cause there is nothing else that is enough of a challenge in a PVE server to require 3-6 ppl. Which is also why most tribes have 1-3 ppl actively playing (except when a new map launches). When there is more people, game gets too easy, they run out of things to do and at least some of them stop playing.

    My point is, having stuff that makes the bosses/ascensions more meaningful is great since it is the main encouragement for players to come together. I met most people I play with on this server through an effort to complete some boss and I think it is the same for others as well.

  • I'm not saying that the Tek Bow should be easy to unlock. I'm just saying that I think it wasn't taken into account when rethinking the new level balance when Fjordur came out.

    Prior to the rebalance, the Tek Bow required level 196 to unlock. Doing a single alpha ascension could get you to 190. So it was JUST out of reach. Practically doing anything else could get you there (1 more gamma ascension + 1 chibi level; or one more beta ascension, etc.) However... before the level adjustment, if you ascended on every map on just the gamma level, you could get to 195, so just 1 chibi level would get you there. Now if you ascend on every map, you can only get to 185, which is a far cry from the 196 requirement of the Tek bow.

    With the rebalance, doing 2 alpha ascensions can only bring you up to 195. Still out of reach of Tek Bow level.

    Again, I'm not saying that it should be easy, I'm just saying that I think it was an unforeseen consequence of the level rebalance, and wasn't taken into consideration.

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