Ark but make it mario kart

  • Real simple idea, only thought of it bc I was playing with a hoversail.

    Mario kart [or Ig more M&S at the olympics...] but with hoversails.

    Set a course, set checkpoints so players have to collect something at each point [make custom food as the collection thing so it cant be found in the wild or something]

    First, second and third get prizes, runners up that kinda thing.

    Idk if it would be a lot of admin to do?

    Im salty I missed the parkour 8o

  • No,

    You can do the mission at any terminal. You cannot use a tek hoversail without having the engram unlocked, which needs levels too iiRC. Feels very redundant because there are multiple race missions on both the genesis maps that have really got a fun concept with proper game mechanics involved, and good tracking of time and positions.

    I dont have gen2 which is a me problem

    but also just could be fun on different maps since I assume gen 2 theres a specific mission location