World Buffs On Gen 2

  • Genesis 2 world buffs were disabled because the missions world buffs used to overwrite the server settings of Maturation & breeding etc. (As per what I had read long back)

    So, I did some research today & Found out some settings/configs that were added later to the game that can help to disable the maturation & breeding buff only & not the rest. The settings are as follows:-


    Wildcard just pushed an update with some settings that may help.

    bDisableWorldBuffs=True This will disable world buffs entirely

    bEnableWorldBuffScaling=True This dynamic setting will cause world buffs to scale their benefits multiplicatively, rather than additionally. (Official Servers have this set to false/use additional).

    WorldBuffScalingEfficacy=1 This dynamic setting will act as a global scalar to reduce/increase the effectiveness of world buffs. 1 would be the default, 0.5 would be 50% less effective, 100 would be 100x more effective.```

    I found this on Reddit on this link:-…_solution_for_unofficial/

    & some other settings through their official discord server:-…762920/941066061267230742

    ```If you would like to tweak world buffs on your Unofficial server during the Valentines event:








    If these settings work can we have the other buffs back on gen 2? :S


  • the buffs where nice i have make 2 mission on gen2, it givent me nothing good things so i think i dont will make the mission its only for the boss now. gen2 is for me only a map to get tames there gives only there with the server change see i nothing in gen2 to use it for other things.

  • World buffs are still very buggy, they mess a lot with increased rates and dynamic configs. Buffs get lost after server restarts and cannot be reapplied, they overwrite increased rates with vanilla ones etc. Also it does not make sense to give a single map better rates than the rest of the cluster, the map with Vanilla settings was designed to kill ARK and prepare the ARK 2 launch. We do not want to go that way. We will of course discuss this but the technical issues alone might be reason enough to decline this...

    P.S.: Also this is not the suggestion forum, next time please make sure to post suggestions in there

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  • Hi I'm new to this cluster but not new to Ark. Gen2 buffs are a key feature and help drive daily actions to keep buffs up on the other clusters I have played on. I do think that removing all of them is harsh, as stryders are also disabled and the ability to pick up/ carry wild Dino's. Other clusters didn't have the Dino limits that are in place here and I believe that the limit is the biggest positive factor in server performance you have. Gen2 buffs never really impacted speed or performance in my humble opinion. Have to say I'm liking the cluster so far, well done team GD. But please reconsider the use of all of the mission buffs and make / revert Gen2 to more than just another breeding map as per Wildcards design.

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