Arc Bars are currently not Divisible Enough. They are hampering liquidity and dampening the server economy.

  • Arc Bars are too valuable resulting in people having to barter for a good portion of the game instead of using server tender. Devaluing currency by increasing the supply would greatly benefit the server economy. This can be solved by making 1GC = 1 ARC Bar (and increasing everyone's current ARC bar balance by 9x so they don't lose value to inflation). Money will be 9x less valuable, no one will lose value and a lot of trades can be done by initial voting coins.

    Think of a newcomer to the server, he needs to vote for 3 days straight to be able to buy something(2 Bars is the minimum action price atm). Instead of 9 bars on the first day, he can get a decent starter kit from the auction.

    A lot of low-mid value dinos and items would circulate in the market supporting the economy.

    Honestly, I cannot see any downsides to this.

  • We had that before the wipe and it killed the economy in no time. We intentionally made GC not transferable and changed the value of ARc bars to 10 GC so that you can't offer everything for 2 GC. I think we should not go back to the economy-killing mode by making everything way to cheap! There is also the option to trade stuff for other valuable ingame items like resources, trophies etc. Also you get like 250-300 GC per month for voting so it is not that hard to get a good amount.

    Giving new players the option to buy high level stuff after one day of voting also decreases the server population heavily. We made the new concept to be challenging and fun, so why give new players everything they need within a week so they leave after two weeks?

    The current system is in fact improving the market health AND player numbers, so going back to the old system is not an option in my opinion.

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  • On top of what Gunnsen said the new system encourages people to vote for our servers which is mandatory for a healthy community. Votes are the best way to get new players to our servers which keeps the maps crowded. These days it is hard enough to have a good amount of players on each map. To keep players in the cluster we need crowded maps as there are already hundreds of empty clusters out there. We just added the Gender Change tokens to make voting even more interesting and we are already working on other ideas to give players some more reasons to vote.
    Of course you are right that it now takes some time to get a filled wallet to buy whatever you want or need, but there are also other ways to get ARc by having a nice breeding line to sell, offer boss fights etc. Giving new players the option to just buy a rex line for a few ghost coins will eliminate the challenge and the market.

  • Hi there,

    As pointed out earlier, the current system is in-line with the concept of the cluster which the team designed. The proposed ideas do not reflect the direction the server wants to go in. We will not be implementing this change as we are very happy with how things are being run at the moment.

    Kind regards,

    GD team

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