Love to see Waypoints Mod added

  • You can see the mod here:…iledetails/?id=2477325185

    The mods size is 0.2mb only.

    Current features

    • You can make waypoints.
    • You can edit waypoints.
    • A waypoint is created where you die.
    • You can share waypoints to tribe members.
    • You can set custom settings. (keybinds, etc)
    • Track dinos/ players.

    Default settings

    • Open UI: F1
    • Toggle waypoints: F2
    • Allow sharing to you: False
    • Create death waypoint: False
    • Hide buff icon: False

    It's great for those of us, like myself, who have little sense of direction. It also puts a death marker so it's easier to find your death place.

    Let me know what you think - maybe we can persuade these beautiful people who own the servers to add it :)

  • There's a huge green beam showing you the location where you died. That's convinient enough for me at least. Anyway more mods = more issues where ARK get updated and they dont. Pull/push range is up to 70 foundations - you can pull anything to your inventory even if you're not close enough to the location you died. Simply make N+ Omni Tool and on "Advanced Transfer" you choose point -A- as "item cache" (if you died and your body was eaten by hungry danger noodles or a derpy dilo ofc) choose all items that show in the list (to be sure you get everything) - and point -B- be your "personal inventory. Or simply loot your body / pull with crossbow+grapling hook if you died in a cave deeps. If 3 tek generators power 1 tek teleporter at the same time - everyone on the map is able to use the N+ Omni Tool "teleporter"option where LMB shows you all available/open tp's on the map and RMB place a TP beacon at your location. So if you feel like dying you can either TP away or place a TP beacon at the location you're going to die - than get 1 thatch (the cost of N+ omni tool) make new one and TP to the beacon where you died. and receive your inventory back. I would of put that guy with the hands "there you go meme" but meh.

  • I as well have epic settings, and unless I am literally on top of the beam I do not see if from a distance. I can see both sides of having this mod, but mainly i would think there would be a gain over anything, as I have trouble finding my body after I die, unless of course I use shadow play.

  • Yeah gonna be honest, I don't see this happening. Between N+ pull mechanic, Omni Tool, awesome spyglass, hell even gps/map, there's so many options in game already for finding and recovering your body. There's zero need for a mod to do so, that would only add unnecessary stress to the server load.

  • I as well have epic settings, and unless I am literally on top of the beam I do not see if from a distance. I can see both sides of having this mod, but mainly i would think there would be a gain over anything, as I have trouble finding my body after I die, unless of course I use shadow play.

    The mods size is 0.2mb only.

    It's a super small mod.. all you do is eat 1 fiber.. and that's it.. you get the way point. To set a waypoint, you just click E on the way point in your inventory and a screen comes up kind of like a pin on map screen. It's exactly accurate. You can track your dinos with it as well as your base and death marks. It shows up like floating text on your screen.

    For those who don't want it, you don't have to have it. It's super small.

  • We already have ghostdata to track dinos that are lost. And making a survival game so much easier is not aligned with our ideas. Also, you can place points on your map with locations of your base. Also, given that we have ghostdata, it's not the hardest challenge to find your own structures. The only "advantage" this would provide is showing your deathmaker. Several other alternatives have been provided for the same by others in the chat. We will of course discuss this but it will take a while.

  • Just to add to this, although I don't feel the need for a mod to do this (I even spent 10 minutes running around trying to find my base after I died early on instead of use GhostData because it was fun running around like a crazy man.

    However, taking screenshots of death screen or relying on the ingame map in anyway is not the best method to achieve this.

    The ingame map is WAY out of alignment.

    This image below the game shows my bed being at the red cross, but it is actually at the yellow mark, which is on the complete opposite side of that particular land mass.


    Also you'll see line 20 is way out at sea (above), but on the little map (below) it is not.


    So not the best method to find things, but the Devs are aware of the map alignment issue so hopefully it will get fixed.

  • I think people are getting too over excited about the Fjordhawk collecting items from dead body. It will track you down and fly back to you when you've respawned? Yeah likely only when you're in render range in the first place which would probably be render range of the green beam and probably only if it is set to passive.

    But we'll see.

  • There's no need to use the mod if you don't want to. It is used by simply consuming a waypoint which is made with 1 fiber.

    It automatically marks your death point.

    On Val last night I died again and could not find my death marker. Yes, I used GD. I used spyglass. I used map. I died in chalk hills. I never did find it.

    The map and spyglass does not show altitude either. Yes it gives you a marker but because the map is so inaccurate, you could be on an above hill or below, and again the death marker does not show until you are literally within feet of it. The waypoint shows you altitude.

    I know it may be asking a lot, but could an owner possibly test it on their own game and see how small it is and how it will not interfere with any other mod. It doesn't even matter the mod loading order - it could be the last mod loaded. It's so small of a mod but it would be so helpful to many of us.

  • so wie schauts jetzt aus deswegen wird mir immer als ungelesen angezeigt ????? und der Mod wäre vielleicht wirklich nicht so ne schlechte idee weil fast immer wenn ich unter Wasser Alpha töte finde ich keinen Lootbeutel ... also ich wäre dafür ADDEN JA :-)

  • We discussed this and we dont think this is necessary. Navigating around the ark, recovering your body after dying, getting help by the Fjordhawk later etc. are part of this game and Survival Games in general. We dont want to make it too easy, losing stuff to character deaths is already a very rare occasion and we dont want to take that out of the game in total. There are several ingame mechanics like waypoint on your minimap, dino trackers (both ingame and GhostData), the big ass green light beam etc that already help players a lot, we dont need to add another mod to replac these mechanics with a new one. Every new mod brings problems with compatibility and stability, updates will cause additional restarts and add a little more work to maintaining the servers and config files.

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