Admin needed! Harassment on server

  • Could an admin please help, we have a serious problem.

    A tribe on the PvP The Center server, are harassing big time...

    I do not know every detail here, since i was offline for most of it, but the admins in my tribe have reported issues, with this particular tribe: 1euro tribe.

    Yesterday they had a discussion with some of my tribe members, my members were trying to tame a Giga, and suddenly some 1euro guys sais it's theirs. My guys had dropped a few hundred darts at this point.

    Then these guys decide to raid our main base, my thought, because they saw we had gotten a wyvern.

    That is okay, this is a PvP server afterall.

    But seeing as we have made no acts of agression, in any kind. On the contrary, we have made people come together, we have been helpful since we joined the server. And have closed a few arguments on the server (Not related to our tribe) This attack was extremely unnecessary. Also today, they decided to banish us from the Lava island, cause they were taming there. One of our members flew past, and our wyvern got killed. Again, with no acts of agression...

    This is not the first encounter I personally have with them tho, first time i noticed them. I was taking a loot drop, just out of Lava Island, this guy on a wyverm flew past me, and decided that it was his loot. So he picked me up, and threatened to throw me in the sea, with the Megalodons beneath me...

    I have heard a lot of people complain about this tribe, and to be honest they have started going on my nerves aswell.. Please do something about this griefing!!!

    Thank you in advance Pygmy Joe (The Kindred)

  • Hello,

    as a member of 1 Euro, I would like to make a statement.

    First I want to discuss the incident yesterday.

    We spotted the Giga on lava island, decided to tame it. At this point a few guys from The Kindred were flying around on Argentavis/Pteranodon near the Giga, so we had to kill them in open PVP.

    By the way, I highly doubt that The Kindred "had dropped a few hundred darts at this point" as their Giga-Trap was not even finished, and the Giga was not trapped at all.

    After we won the fight for the Giga, one of The Kindred thought it was a good idea to insult us in Global Chat.

    So our raid was not really unprovoked at all, and even if it was not, we do not need a reason to attack someone on a PVP server.

    The raid itself was very humane in our opininion, as we offered them to come and unlock their storage containers, so we would only take what we needed. Apart from that we did not kill any passive dinos, even when we had reason to think they had ascendant saddles (as they had a BP).

    As for the incident today, we were taming a Rex on the Volcano, and saw the Kindred approaching with multiple Rexes and a Wyvern. As this could have potentially killed or damaged our unconscious Rex, we told them to leave. After waiting long enough, they still made no effort to retreat. Then we killed their wyvern. This should not be considered a raid in our opinion as no base/structure was involved.

    At this point, CC Moose aka Pygmy Joe accused us of multiple violations of the servers rules, which I will talk about, if he is willing to repeat them here (as they are absolutely ridiculous).


    Cpt. Balu

    1 Euro

  • You are forgetting the point where i openly wanted to discuss what had happened.

    Some from your tribe just threw the "It's a PvP server" argument. So no one wanted to discuss or resolve this incident.

    I then asked more times, and you kept on behaving like children.

    THEN i accused you for breaking rules, as you would not discuss this with me, and i then only had one side of the story.

    But instead of raiding us, could you then contact the tribe admins? And Discuss, as i tried to with you. Cause unlike you, the admins and I in the tribe, respond to this kind of stuff.

    And Then, and first then. I posted this forum post

    So you can see why i do not believe your statement?

    And no, the trap wasnt done, but before they made that decision, they had indeed dropped a few hundred darts in it

  • Well, honestly we tried to argue with your tribe yesterday. But if one of your members calls one us an "asshole", there is no point in talking.

    In addition to that, we do not have to talk or resolve any matters. You give us a reason and your dinos will burn for it. We have never attacked you before, and currently have no intention of attacking your bases again, but your constant crying in chat is really exhausting, so we simply do not have the patience for it.

    So from now on, you can save yourself the time arguing.

    P.S.: And honestly I have to say..what are you even doing on the server ? You

    are like, what, 10 people ? That makes you the largest tribe I know of
    on the server and still you dont have a single turret ? I mean a base
    like that asks for a raid.

  • See the problem is that >you< have been the aggressor.

    And me being the leader of the tribe, I want to resolve these problems.

    So I tried, as i already stated in All chat, to find out what had happened.

    But since you only threw childish comments at me, i could get nowhere on that.

    And honestly. You're way of handling things, powertripping where ever you can. Have lead to a lot of complaints. And since I am known across pretty much the whole server.
    People come to me. And frankly, i got tired of hearing your name, in the same sentences as harassment.

    Had you just talked to me, when i tried to. I wouldn't have to make a post here.
    But you didnt, you shot me down with childish comments.

    And since you didn't tell me, when i asked. I have trouble believing your arguments.

    Your general attitude, have shown nothing but aggressivity.
    So it is natural, that i believe my tribe members. When they tell me this was unprovoked.

    Us not having turrets, was a generosity towards smaller tribes, so that they wouldnt get killed constantly. But I see now, that was a mistake.
    Tho i don't see why you had to exterminate us like that.

    If you wanted to raid us, it was easy to get in. Stone doors, no dino's on aggressive. You didn't have to kill none of them. You could've taken the stuff and left.
    But you chose to exterminate us yesterday.
    Then you chose to do it again today, while we were trying to transfer. And honestly, you cannot banish a whole server from the Lava Island, that just show's how you are powertripping

  • 1.) We didnt banish you from the lava island, we simply told you to leave, since you were less then 100m away from our tame.

    2.) We only really raided one base on this server, which belonged to "Angry Jeffs", who were annoying and arrogant.

    3.) How are we harassing people ? We rarely raid and only kill in open pvp when someone grabs a beacon that we wanted.

    4.) Turns out not building turrets on a pvp server is a mistake. What a suprise.

    5.) Why, seriously WHY are you not playing on a PvE server ? If you only want to help people, you can do that just as well on a PvE server.

    6.) Any more crying or calling us "childish" will be taken as an offense from now on.

  • Fight fight fight ^^ :)

    Before you judge what I am about to say, you are allowed to adopt any playstyle you like but honestly being mercyful on PVP doesn't seem like an option.

    Being an agressor doesn't mean someone is breaking the rules. PVP means someone attacks someone counter attacks or in some cases watches and does nothing.

    Also "blocking" a non restricted area is not forbidden unless decided by the GD Team. Being in charge (alpha) means taking and keeping control, so if they want to hold on an area you can fight them off and banish them from that place yourself and take over :)

    If they raided you yesterday and then today after 24hours since the first raid then everything is fine.

    P.S. I am not siding with anyone, I am just trying to reply on what you guys commented.