Shiny Dinos Radioactive

  • From what i've heard the radioactive ones are going to be disabled.
    "Radioactive dinos are dangerous, but rewarding. Their radiation pulse boosts the mutation chance of babies by about 5x"

    There is something like 15 different shiny powers (not counting the sub categories).

    I don't know how many tamable dinos in ark but let say 100-200.

    The chances with 10 shinies/24h (cluster wide) to find a radioactive rex/gigas is extremly small and if someone does, so what... That amount of luck should be rewarded

    It's way easier to mass breed mutation that to count on the shiny one.

    I think it could be a chance for secondary-never-used dinos like velonasaur, rhinos and others to be bred into a powerfull line just because someone found a radioactive one.

  • That's not how that works. Shiny traits like radioactive can't be bred, only the colors. So if you find a radioactive compi, that's what you get, and you'll need to keep it near your breeding tames if I understand it correctly for mutations to get a higher chance. Same as an S+ mutator, only it doesn't guarantee mutations, only increases the chances.

    But yeah, they don't seem too overpowered imo. But seeing as the new concept aims to be even harder than the old one, I don't think that anything that increases chances of mutations will get added/accepted.

  • Mutations already are a big problem to the game as they allow to breed way to powerful items and once you bred them you have an infinite supply of those dinos. We will not allow anything that further accelerates the mutation problem

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