Clamp on mutation values going forward

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    I would like to suggest some form of clamp on maximum mutation values allowed on breeds. As many vets know, there have existed, for about two years, breeds of rexes that have absurdly high mutation counters on both sides. Due to a programming oversight on WC's part, any value above a certain amount is seen as a negative integer in the mutation counts. This results (as we have seen) in mutation counters into the millions, which allows for infinite mutations unless the stat cap of 255 per trait is reached. By implementing a clamp/deletion (if available) for say, anything over 50k mutations on one side, it could prevent such a problem from happening in the future. Seeing as how the core philosophy of the wipe is to bring the cluster into balance, I can't image anyone would like to see a repeat of being able to buy a breeding pair of infinitely mutateable boss rexes for a few days worth of voting, as that would break progression.

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  • This is not possible. As someone who has overflowed lines before it takes a lot of work to do. If someone is willing to spend the time to overflow lines, there really just isn't anything that is going to stop them; only annoy them and waste their time.

  • the only thing we can do is (as on Offi Servers) if a Dino is above lvl (for example) 300 just don't spawn him if he would pop out of an egg

    so max breed lvl would be 300 and next mutation would remove the dino...

    BUT we will leave it as it is now.

    There is a limit xD its 255 cuz (Programmer know what i mean) 28 = 256 (0 to 255 = are 256 Variables)

    so you can have 255 per Stat --> thats the Limit

  • I like this suggestion and if there was a plugin preventing negative mutations I would really like to add it. Sadly there is none and our developer already took a look into this, it is not that easy. We decided tonot change the current way, it is up to you if you stack your mutations endlessly or do it the old fashioned way. We also decided to not add a "max tamed dino level" like on officials so we do not punish breeders that like clean max stats even on speed, oxygen etc.

    We might indeed change this if there ever is a way to fix that negative mutation counter bug (if Wildcard does not fix it, hahaha), but for now there is no change planned.

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