Looking for someone to take over my aquatic dino lines

  • my aquatic base got wiped, i planned on rebuilding but i have now lost all interest in rebuilding, i may take a break from ark which means i may lose all dinos.

    So i'd like to find someone interested in taking in some water dino lines so they don't get lost.



    Message me at Malsagxa on discord.

    I also have 54 hp Ovis, and 66 attack theri line

    All free, on Rag, once they are gone i'm just going to wipe what i have on that map.

  • If you want we can build a aqatic base together, one of my big todos left.

    I got lot of building mats we can use + I will do my best to motivate you :)

    PN me on discord (Snu Snu#3111) if you want to talk about this

  • Please do not spoil the the GD server if you don't wana play any more just go and back when ever you want and let the ur decay as for good otherwise other noobs spoil the server..... Please Owner of GD stop such nonsense